Cloggerfest review

We welcome anything that people want to send us for publication.
Thanks to Kevin Downes who emailed us this review of Cloggerfest, the free two-day family music festival, held in Cresswell every year at the beginning of September.


Sometimes reviewers exaggerate when they say something is ‘bigger & better!!’ but in this case it was true.

Cloggerfest 2016 exceeded expectations this time, with all the camping pitches selling out well before the first day; and for the first time ever there was a huge marquee erected – capable of holding 500 people. What’s more there were even THREE bars this year, one doing superb ciders…!
But all the good stuff from the past was still there, including the real-ale choices and the stalls and the kids’ events.

Cloggerfest marquee

The dance dee-jays really welcomed the introduction of a marquee because, in previous years, being out in the open isn’t really a good ambience to listen & dance to music. Well, this year the ambience was in place and in the marquee!
The marquee made a big difference to the bands too, as when it looked like rain, everybody could skedaddle into the marquee and watch the bands in comfort.  In fact, it was so good in the marquee, it’ll be interesting to see if the organisers bother with the outside stage again next year.

The music across the two days was excellent. From old-wave punk to modern indie and folk, there were a lot of types of music – enough for everybody.
It was warm despite the cloud above, so most of us didn’t have to pull on a jumper until at least 10pm!

JCB grant

It really is amazing that this festival is still free.
Partly this is because the main organisers, Steve Owen and his lovely wife Lee, give their services for nothing and work their socks off for eleven months of the year, but also this year there was some brilliant support.

Lee Owen

Meet the boss – Lee Owen

Blythe Cricket Club (especially magic Angie) is to be congratulated for letting the ground – and the pavilions – be used, and it’s great that Cheadle Round Table stepped in with masses of help.  Plus what, JCB made a grand gesture of giving a £1000 grant.
(Not sure what Bob Lane of Round Table thought when he was spattered head-to-foot with colour-powders during the Colour Run – it doesn’t seem a good way of thanking him – but then again maybe he liked it… you never know…)

Steve Owen was really chuffed that the whole thing went well.  Even though he admits it is very tiring (!), he is working on a plan to make it a THREE-day festival next year. Yes please…
Steve is a former paratrooper, and whenever the festival goes well, he likes it that his favourite charity save our gets a donation.  Let’s hope it will this year.


However, despite all the good news, it is sad to reflect that there were some aggravating youths who were trying to smuggle drink into the event (which is strictly verboten).  The organisers posted extra stewards, but these idiots kept trying.
It’s just sad that these stewards, who did such great work, couldn’t enjoy the festival along with the rest of us.  So, the last word is: THANK YOU to them…

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