How would you spend £4000?

Can you think of ways of spending £4000 for the benefit of the Draycott & Cresswell & Totmonslow community?
Believe it or not, this money is now sitting in the bank account of the Draycott Parish Council just waiting for good ideas from local people about what to do with it.

Solar farm

One of the best things about the vast solar energy farm in Cresswell is that, when it was being built, the developers promised that they would give over a percentage of the profits from it to the local community.
Well, almost two years have gone by since the farm went ‘live’ and started producing electricity. So, the current owners of the project, REG (Renewable Energy Generation) Power Management (who took on the project from Novus Solar, the kick-starters) have at last come good on the promise.
A grant of £4000, covering the first two years of operation, has now been paid over.

Draycott Parish Council must now decide on what are the most viable and most useful suggestions for what to do with the money, either in full or as a partial grant.  The only stipulation is that any suggestions must benefit the wider community of our district.
If you or an organisation you belong to thinks this is an opportunity – well, this is the time to put thinking caps on!


A few of us were sitting in the pub, and we were kicking the thought around; and these are just a few of the ideas we came up with. See what you think…

#   One scheme that has been talked about for some years now, but has never got off the ground, is the idea of lighting up the exterior of St Margaret’s Church for a few hours a night. The idea would be to provide a great view for miles around of our oldest building.

St Margaret's Church, Draycott

St Margaret’s Church has stood on the hill overlooking Draycott for nearly a thousand years

#   Our community could do with more volunteer effort – local people to look after public flower-beds, to organise litter-picks, to go check on our more isolated neighbours, to organise village get-togethers.  How about using some of the money to set up a local voluntary effort scheme?
#   Other villages have a village sign on a totem pole, carved especially.  How about commissioning a sculptor to carve one for us?
#   The problem of motorists chucking their litter out of their cars as they go along Cresswell Lane is getting worse.  How about using the money to pay for a ‘Please Don’t Dispose of Your Litter Here!’ sign for the road?
#   The book about the history of Draycott-in-the-Moors is all but sold out.  How about ordering a re-print?
#   Installation of a defibrillator in the Draycott Junction telephone box?
#   A simple grant to the running costs of our local First Responders?
#   History enthusiasts will know that a few decades ago, the Draycott Women’s Institute did a brilliant survey of the graves in St Margaret’s Church old churchyard.  It’d be great to see a survey done of the old graves at St Mary’s Church in Cresswell too!
#   Some of the footpath stiles and kissing-gates in our area are in sore need of repair.  Could some money be put to that?

Do you have any suggestions to add?  If you do, just use the comments-box at the bottom of this page.

Church Lane

One idea that already has gained traction is that of using the money to pay for the repair of the surface of Church Lane.  This little un-made track up to St Margaret’s Church has so many potholes in it that there are more holes in it than road!  Some funeral directors are even saying that they will soon refuse to take their expensive hearses up this track.

Church Lane, Draycott in the Moors

Should community cash be used to repair Church Lane, Draycott in the Moors?

Using the community money to improve the surface of this track does seem fraught with problems though.  It’s an ‘unadopted’ road, so the Highways Department has no responsibility for it, so the question really is… shouldn’t the church, the house-owners living alongside the track, and even the farmer who sends his tractors up along it, actually pay for the repair of this track, or at least pay the lion’s share?  It’s a thorny question.


Within the next months, the clerk to Draycott Council will be formally inviting local organisations and individuals to make suggestions.  We will let you know when this happens as soon as we know.

Want to comment on any of the items on this page?
Just use the comments box – near the bottom of this page.           (The form will ask if you wish to put in your email address.  You don’t have to – and it is always kept private anyway and never published -, but, if you don’t add your email, that means you might miss any responses to your comment).

6 responses to “How would you spend £4000?

  1. Yes, the Road up to the church is indeed in need of some attention. its very difficult to walk up at times.
    Perhaps if you had that done, and asked the house owners and Farmer for a donation and for the kissing gates to be put right, they may all agree ?
    God said have Faith: I will pray they will help
    Susan Forrester


    • Church Lane issues

      If Church Lane is resurfaced, and the idea is supported by the Parish council, can we have the lane in Cresswell which runs behind Rookery Crescent also resurfaced? It is classed as a public footpath as Church Lane is and is also used as a road. I believe there are no frontages responsbile for it’s upkeep. It too is full of terrible pot holes, but no kissing gates have been allocated(?) We are one Parish, including a village and several hamlets.
      My other concern is that if Church Lane is repaired, who will pay for it’s upkeep? This will surely be on going. Does that mean that every time there is community funding from the solar panels it will go towards this?

      I know some residents in Cresswell have been impacted visually by the solar panels farm. Perhaps they would like some trees to block the view?


  2. One possible use for the money is a fighting-fund to oppose the building of the proposed housing in Cresswell, which will have a massive negative impact on both Cresswell and Draycott. Both areas will suffer when it starts.


  3. As someone who has suffered from mobility issues, I would love to see the money spent on more benches throughout the area. I’m sure this would encourage myself and other vulnerable people to get out and about a bit.
    To start with… Maybe one by the old phone box at the bottom of Stuart Avenue? And one at the end of Draycott Old Road by the planter?
    Dalek George


  4. It would be great to get two banners done to encourage motorists to slow down. We had a competition last year and a poster was created by one of the children in the Parish. We could have one for Drayvott and Totmonslow and one for Cresswell. Wouldn’t take too much to fund.


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