Draycott By-Election 2017 – the candidates

With the Draycott Council by-election coming up soon, on Thursday 6th April, we thought it was time to find out something about the two candidates.
We posted letters to both of them at their homes, asking them to tell us something about themselves and to let us have a photo. (This sort of exercise is carried out frequently on village websites like ours.)

We asked each candidate five questions.
Just one of the candidates presented an election statement, outlining why they hope you will vote for them.  The other did not reply.

Candidate answers

Roger Leach
Roger LeachWhat have been your main jobs in life?
•    For 11 years  I travelled the world with the Royal Navy sometimes on nuclear submarines, receiving a medal for the Indonesian Campaign.
After leaving the Navy I joined the pub trade in London. I then moved to Leicester where I worked Everard’s Brewery and was a publican for several years.
Finally I took a degree in wine and became a wine merchant  importing and selling  Italian, German and French wine.

In what ways do you think you have contributed to life in Draycott Parish in the last five years or so?
•    I led the Community Speed-Watch in Cresswell .
•    Fundraising for VVSM has also been one of my voluntary pursuits. With friends I organised a Curry Night, Elvis Night, sponsored walk, raffles, quizzes, canal boat trip and lottery.
•    Volunteering at the local library has enabled me to meet and understand the needs of local people.
•    Contributed to stopping the construction of a 950 megawatt Power Station in Cresswell.

Do you feel there are special skills or special knowledge you can bring to the role?
•    There are huge traffic issues in the Parish. The knowledge I gained from Speed-Watch and working with the police would be useful.
•    Fundraising is a huge part of helping communities to improve where they live.
•    Working in the library enables me to learn about groups that have an important role to play in supporting communities.
•    Ensuring that residents have a say in planning and development.

What would you like to achieve for the community?
•    Bring the community together and have fun achieving this.
•    Encourage younger members of the community to become Parish Councillors.
•    Improve communication between the Council and residents

Patricia McLaughlin
Ms McLaughlin has not submitted an election statement to us by the deadline.
However, her election flyer was published on the village Facebook page for her – see Candidate Flyer

To check who the candidates are on the local government official site, and who ‘proposed’ them for the role, click here.
Draycott-in-the-Moors Council’s Facebook site
is also regularly updating information about the candidates; and the election and how local people can to take part in it.

2 responses to “Draycott By-Election 2017 – the candidates

  1. Roger, I am pleased to see you have included your Library Volunteering in your statement. Since we took over the Library a year ago, you have became an integral part of its operation: you are honest, trustworthy, and reliable “great attributes for any councillor”.
    Unfortunately I don’t live in your ward, so can’t vote for you, however I wish you much luck. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Helen Bickerton


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