NEWS: new cllr / Church Lane end? / traffic lights / new shop?

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early April 2017
In this post we have news of…:  new councillor for Draycott / Church Lane project stumped / disappearing traffic lights  / a shop for Draycott?…
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– – –
Welcome councillor

Pat McLaughlinCongratulations to the newest member of Draycott Council.
Patricia McLaughlin (see photo, right), a chartered surveyor who lives at the Blythe end of Draycott Level, was voted in by a landslide on Thursday (6th) evening in the local council by-election.  She was voted in with 98 votes, compared to her opponent’s 52 votes. She becomes one of Draycott Council’s seven members.
Our commiserations to the gallant loser, Roger Leach.

Pat said in her manifesto that she will aim to unite the different parts of the district, which, as she observes, have become “disjointed”. We wish her the best of luck.

– – –
Shopping to return to Draycott?

English: Draycott-in-the-Moors Post Office. (n...There hasn’t been a shop in Draycott for many years now: though there are still fond memories of Evelyn Robinson and how she ran the old post office (see picture, right – it was adjacent the Draycott Arms), not to mention the general shop at the Blythe Bridge end of Uttoxeter Road  (near what is now The Golden Keg Restaurant & Pub).

However, Zara & Brayn at the Draycott Arms pub are nothing if not enterprising, and they want to establish a shop-area in what used to be the public-bar room at the pub. The room is under reconstruction at the moment, but it should be all done and dusted sometime in the summer.
Zara is now looking round for a second-hand refrigerated unit to hold the perishable goods (if you know of one, she’ll be happy to hear from you).

In the meantime, a questionnaire has gone out to most local households asking residents what they think of the idea.  If you haven’t had one, or just lost yours, just click here to see the form, print it out, fill it in… then just take it round to the pub…

– – –
Cul-de-sac for Church Lane project?

Over the past three months there has been a deal of discussion (see more…) about what to do about the awful condition of the road surface on Church Lane.  The lane is really more of a track than a road and is full of nasty potholes.
However, it’s an important thoroughfare, as it leads up to St Margaret’s Church & graveyard and to the community hall too.

At the last Draycott Council meeting however, our local councillors admitted defeat.  The project is too expensive and too-consuming for them to get involved with, it seems, and the local county-councillor, Mark Deaville, is taking on the issue instead. Mark is applying to Staffordshire County Highways to have the lane ‘adopted’.  However, he admits it’s a pretty long shot.

So what do the church authorities and the dozen-or-so residents of the lane do next?  We met one resident, Mark, who was doing a manful job patching up the potholes this week. His patches are just exactly that though, and he admits his work may not last for very long.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s a difficult issue.  We suggest the wardens at St Margaret’s start a crowd-funding page to try to raise the cash for proper repairs.
Well…   Anybody got a better idea?

– – –
The case of the disappearing lights

Talking of works not getting done, does anyone know what the sudden appearance and then disappearance of some temporary traffic lights at the Uttoxeter Road-Cresswell Lane junction was all about?Traffic lightsWe were told it was going to be some preliminary work on the giant new roundabout which is going to be built there as a part of the re-development of Cresswell (see: the Roundabout Design diagram).

Maybe the developers changed their minds…?  Hmm.  Unlikely…

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14 responses to “NEWS: new cllr / Church Lane end? / traffic lights / new shop?

  1. Please be reassured Mr Slavin that I did not resign on a whim.
    ex-Cllr Jacquie Leach


  2. Selective comments

    Funny how selective comments are the only ones to be published…..

    Editor’s reply:
    Hi Anon. We are not very keen on publishing anonymous comments (though we have done it from time to time when a really good point is being made).
    You may be referring to another anonymous comment (which we didn’t publish), which was about the defibrillator. It didn’t make much sense we thought, as it seemed to be saying that it was unfair for the defibrillator to be in Cresswell so therefore it should be moved to Totmonslow… — but then Cresswell would not have one…! And the person didn’t explian why the move should be made. So we didn’t think it made much sense so we didn’t publish it.
    Also, don’t forget that comments are also welcome on the Draycott Facebook page, so that is another place you could try.


    • Glad to support

      Dear Anon, I have not seen your letter, but you should know that the kiosk and the defibrillator were set up by the people of Cresswell. I applied for the funding, and residents helped and encouraged me to refurbish the Cresswell kiosk. I also had help to install the Cresswell plant-pot (which was donated) and the Cresswell lay-by bench, which was also very kindly donated. We also had a plaque placed on it to Ken Shelley, which his family agreed to – such a lovely man who helped us through a terrible time.
      If you want a defibrillator for Totmonslow I can help you as I have helped other villages who have admired our kiosk.
      I did all of this before becoming a Councillor and when I was voted in I wanted to extend my knowledge and support to the whole parish. Unfortunately some councillors blocked everything I tried to do.


  3. Congratulations to Pat McLaughlin on becoming member of the Parish Council. Thanks to all who voted, and to the unsuccessful candidate.
    Roger Holdcroft (Chair of Parish Council)


  4. shop details?

    I’d like to know how the shop will be set out – and will the entrance be through the pub? otherwise it might be dangerous off the main road. Do ou know yet what might the shop opening hours be?
    interested resident


  5. Any chance the planned Draycott Arms shop could be a parcel collection point as well?
    Jayne Edwards


  6. Congratulations to Pat McLaughlin. She will do a great job of rejuvenating the current group of stalwarts. She is controversial and sets out to change.
    I know from the grapevine she wants the village shop to start and for draycott to prosper.
    Mary Jones


    • Draycott to prosper

      I hope this means ALL Draycott Parish to prosper. The parish includes Totmonslow and Cresswell – who pay the same amount of Council Tax as those in Draycott central.


      • No more moaning

        You always have to moan about something!!
        Is it not time we all stood together in whichever part of the Parish we reside and stop whinging and moaning?
        There are so many more important issues which need to be dealt with than trying to pick fault with wording in a post on a website!
        Mary Jones


      • Dear Mrs Leach, you have a bit of a cheek talkign about how much council tax everybody in the parish has to pay!
        You resingend from the Draycott council on a whim and you must have known that an election, a very very expensive election would result, a big expense to all us tax payers.
        Tax payers would prosper much more without such thoghtless actions by people such as you.
        Henry Slavin


      • Mrs Leach stepped down, forcing an election at a cost £4000.
        Her husband then ran, lost, and then has the audacity to say publicly he didn’t want the position anyway.
        Have they been through the demise of the Parish like us?…no!
        Matt Edwards

        (Editor’s note: one statement has been removed from this comment)


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