NEWS: burglary / help for poor / pollution report … and more

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-February 2018
In this post we have news of…: restaurant burglary / local firm helps poorest / pollution report / summer fayre progress / un-open Forsbrook…
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– – –
Chandni burglary

There have still been no arrests (at the time of writing) concerning the Chandni Cottage Restaurant burglary which took place two weeks ago (Feb 5th). A well-organised group of thieves broke into the restaurant, at the eastern end of Draycott, in the dead of night.
They smashed in a window at the back; and stole equipment, goods and some cash – causing around £10,000 worth of losses. They even took the charity tin.Chandni Cottage

The thieves managed to get away with some hefty pieces of kitchenware, which makes police think that they must have had a van, and been properly prepared, being as it was such a difficult operation.
The same gang may have even been behind some similar incidents across the area.

The thieves were pretty brazen, but let’s hope they made some mistake which will lead eventually to arrests. If you think you may know anything, there is a confidential police hotline – call 101 and mention “incident number 587”.
It’s been really distressing for the owner, Yasmeen Yacqub, but we are happy to say that she has since said she won’t be cowed, and will carry on whatever!

– – –
New Haden generosity

If the reports from the Cheadle Food Bank are anything to go by, the situation for the poorest in our community is getting worse and worse. Requests to them for emergency supplies have risen 30% on the same time last year.
The food bank hands out tinned and non-perishable goods to those who turn up to its drop-in sessions. The Cheadle group serves not just people from the town but the surrounding villages, such as Draycott.

However, the food bank organisers rely on people like us to keep a supply of goods going, so, because of the rise in need, they have launched an extra appeal for funds, this time specifically aimed at businesses.
We are pleased to say that the first firm to respond positively is one from our small district – New Haden Pumps in Draycott Cross Road, which has stepped in to donate £150. Well done to them.

– – –
The fun of the fayre

It’s already that time of year again, and the Draycott Fayre organisers have already started booking acts for the event, which returns in July.

Draycott Fayre 2016 - 25 years banner

Parish councillor Pauline Clarke shows the 25 Years of Draycott Fayre banner last year

But now comes the nitty-gritty bit – who is doing what? …from hawking round posters to taking money on the gate.
The first meeting to discuss such matters takes place on March 2nd. Can you get along, and offer your services or thoughts?
Everyone who works putting the day together is a volunteer, from top to bottom – so, no matter how small, your contribution will be valuable. All are welcome at the meeting.
For details, click here

– – –
‘Missing’ notification

You might think our own local council here in Draycott is pretty bad when it comes to sharing information with its taxpayers (and it is) but the next-door council in Forsbrook takes the prize this month.
As must happen after the death of a councillor, which happened at the beginning of this year, a vacancy must be announced so that members of the public can put themselves forward for the post.
(In fact, some people in Draycott would have been eligible, as the locality rule means that residents for a few miles round are also able to stand).

So we watched the Forsbrook Council’s website, and we watched the council’s Facebook page. And we waited and waited. Nothing.
However, it then turned out that there was a notice after all – a piece of paper pinned to the council notice boards… but by then it was too late for us.

Forsbrook broke no rules in doing this, but, judging by this, they aren’t great fans of openness in local government, apparently preferring to keep such information under the radar, instead of trying to get the information out far and wide to as many people as possible.
So… who now gets to decide who will be the new, incoming councillor? Well…the councillors, of course!   They will now look for someone they themselves approve of, and ‘co-opt’ them.

– – –
Pollution report

As required by law, the developers who are soon to be building a housing estate and factories in Cresswell had to commission a report examining the state of the land on which they are about to build.
(The report, which must be carried out by a reputable land-analysis firm, looks for contaminants, floods risk etc.)
Well, the report has just been published. It is very lengthy and you probably need a degree to understand it fully, but it is important.

The local community-action group, VVSM, have been through the report and done their own review, breaking it down into simpler language. The review (click here to check it out), which also has links to the details of the report, is worth five minutes of any local resident’s reading time.

The biggest result is that the report’s authors admit finding contaminants in the soil, though they personally do not think there is enough there to halt the building. What they do recommend however is that a thick layer of fresh top-soil should be placed on the fields to act as a ‘buffer’ between the incoming residents and any nasty stuff down below.
The report’s authors admit too that there are simply locations across the site where they don’t know what will be found – until the digging starts. In fact, they recommend that construction workers, who will be moving in soon, wear protective clothing.

It’s all a bit worrying. The VVSM folk point out that, when cadmium in the earth is disturbed, it often just floats into the air; and, yes, cadmium is believed to be buried there somewhere.
In the end, the people of Cresswell (and the incoming residents of the planned estates) must rely on two things – the honesty of the construction firm which is honour-bound to report any unexpected finds, and the diligence of the local authority’s environment officers, who are supposed to monitor the excavations.  Erm, fingers crossed, eh?

This post has been edited since being originally published.

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13 responses to “NEWS: burglary / help for poor / pollution report … and more

  1. Please remove your whole post relating to Mrs Shufflebotham. It’s rather disrespectful to the family and friends
    Nicola Antrobus


  2. With regard to the comments posted referring to the late Mrs Pat Shufflebotham – a truly lovely lady who was held in extremely high regard – I ask that this post be deleted in order to avoid further upsetting her family at this time when the pain of her loss is still very difficult.
    Carol Hughes


  3. Tony – this site isn’t associated with DPC they are respectful people and would not have the good manners to use a recently passed person to make a point.
    This web site is the personal diatribe of Mark Stewart.

    Editor’s note
    Dawn is incorrect. Mark is the overall editor of this site. He does not write all the pieces.


  4. This article with regards to the late Mrs Shuff is not acceptable and the author should be ashamed and owes Mrs Shuffs family a public and private apology.
    How distasteful and to cause a family that have already been through rough even more upset. SHAME ON YOU!


    • Besides the upset this article has caused the clerk and her family, to make the derogatory statements that Forsbrook & Blythe Bridge Council are acting in the way that has been portrayed brings … a new low …. Forsbrook Council has ALWAYS been run in a correct and proper manner.
      The true reason for this post is another matter (of what I shall keep to myself for the moment), but I urge Draycott Council to remove this post. Parish Councils should work together and not try underhand methods to get what they want.
      Anthony Mould

      Editor’s note:
      Mr Mould is under the mistaken impression that this website is run by or controlled by Draycott Parish Council. It is not; it is independent. DPC has its own, separate (excellent) website.
      We would be interested in hearing the proof he hints at, which suggests he knows the reason why Draycott PC want to undermine Forsbrook PC.


      • I cannot be the the only person reading this post to think what councillor mould is alluding to.
        This comment clearly implies that councillor mould has some rather dubious information relating to our parish council.
        Why does he hide it so, and not just have the courage to spout his thoughts?


  5. Could the post mentioning the lovely late Pat Shuff please be removed. Her family are very upset.
    Helen Shenton


  6. Another day goes by where this post has not been taken down.
    I fail to see how anyone with any compassion can leave this post for all to see when it uses my dead Mums name (Mrs Shufflebotham) to highlight his political post. My 74 year old Father is in bits and this situation has to end.
    Please could I ask that all the decent members of this group ask him to remove my Mums name from this post. I hope the 250 people who attended her funeral are ashamed of you Mr Stewart and you hang your head in shame.


    • Thnaks Dawn.
      I think we have said this elsewhere to you but I repeat – our hands are tied over this matter.
      We would certainly have been happy to address concerns of issues in the article, but the first letter from Forsbrook Parish Council to us over the matters was a letter threatening legal action.
      We were warned then by legal advisers not to remove or alter the post as this could be seen as ‘tampering’. In other words, there is nothing we can do until the legal question is settled.
      We have been waiting since then for clarification from Forsbrook Parish Council, but nothing has yet appeared from Mr Jones in response.
      We continue to wait.


  7. What a stupid statement from the report!!!! Covering contaminated ground with a layer of topsoil…to act as a buffer zone!
    The land is already contaminated because of capillary action….and covering such land with a layer of topsoil isn’t going to stop it!


  8. Tougher on crime

    Tougher sentences. Burglary, theft and assault are on the rise.
    We need a deterrent to scare these opportunists. Good people and entrepreneurs are being targeted because politicians are weak.


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