Planning; planning; no-plan

We have updates about: the Blythe Vale site at eastern Draycott; the coming roundabout in Cresswell and its nearby pinch-point; a completely new application for housing in Cresswell; and the death of the Draycott Neighbourhood Plan.

Some developers are very clever… They go into a flurry of activity in the summer months, knowing that potential protesters are busy with holidays etc and that August is often a month-off for councillors and MPs.
So…. yep… lots about planning in this post!

Blythe Vale

The proposed housing estate up on the ridge, which will overlook Uttoxeter Road on Draycott Level, is a done deal and will happen, so all that’s left now is to sort out the infrastructure – the roadways, drainage etc.
Sure enough, an infrastructure application has now been submitted at SMDC’s planning offices. It seems that the roadway coming down off the ridge will emerge near the Chandni Cottage restaurant, onto that bit of dual carriageway. The developers (naturally enough) reckon it won’t affect traffic flow.

Planned Blythe Vale / Northern Gateway sites

The Blythe Vale site – the current Draycott development is the red-ringed site on left

Conservationists will also be interested to see how the developers St Modwen) have proposed handling the newts and other wildlife on the site; and which trees they intend to remove.

If you have thoughts, you are invited to put them in, using the online comments page. You have until the 15th August.

Preliminary work on the site – surveying etc – starts this weekend.

– – –
Cresswell roundabout

The plans for the roundabout at Cresswell seem to have hit an unknown buffer. They were supposed to go before the SMDC Planning Committee as long ago as Easter, but they keep being deferred – and no one really knows why.
One of our district councillors, Dave Trigger, gave a little talk a few weeks ago about the pros & cons of the roundabout plan, and he said he could see no particular problem with it (click here to see what Dave said) – so what’s holding the plan up?

One rumour is that the developers have not yet come up with a suitable way to help out the bat population that will be disturbed.
Another rumour is that the issue is the so-called pinch point (where the road narrows to a tight squeeze) up the hill past the Izaak. The original 2015 application promised that a pedestrian path would be installed here, but we’ve heard nothing since.
Yes, the owners of Izaak Walton Farm have now moved their wall back from the edge of the road (thus enabling a small green path alongside it for pedestrians), but, even so, a few yards of the road further up still have no pavement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe this is the sticking point…?

– – –
Houses by the railway?

The summer has produced its usual crop of planning applications – including one for eight houses at Cresswell.
If you know Cresswell, you’ll know the unmade road off Cresswell Old Lane that leads up to some old Victorian terraced houses (called Railway Cottages). The proposed houses would be built along this unmade lane, with the railway at their backs.

The fact is that the current Moorlands Local Plan does stipulate that Draycott & Cresswell should take another ten houses on top of the Blythe Vale and Blythe Park developments – so this application would indeed fit Local Plan requirements.
(It had been supposed that the required extra houses would eventually be built on the big field on Uttoxeter Road – the one between the church and the Draycott Arms -, but maybe not, after all).

But… there is no barrier stopping the public from going on to the line at that point.  Is this really a safe place to build homes?
If you have thoughts on this application you have until 22nd August to submit them (see the application Comments Page).

– – –
Neighbourhood Plan, not…

Our local community council, Draycott Parish Council, doesn’t inspire confidence at the best of times but it reached a new low with the collapse of its ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ process.

The government has been encouraging villages and small communities to adopt ‘neighbourhood plans’ as a way of indicating how they want their futures to be. They carry some weight in law, and it’s one way to help stop inappropriate developments.
Parish councils are responsible for watching over their adoption process.

Back in 2015, the newly-elected Draycott councillor, Jacquie Leach, put some work & effort into kick-starting an NP for Draycott on the council’s behalf (though she stepped down from the council in 2016 due to personal issues and so did not finish the work).
Since then however Draycott Council has seemed barely interested.

The council applied for a grant of £3000 last year, but the money had to be returned a few months ago – because not one penny of it had been spent…!
Just as embarrassingly, the council recently announced on its website that it would be holding a Neighbourhood Plan roadshow-stall at this year’s Draycott Fayre – but no such thing appeared.
When councillors were asked what happened – blank faces! It turned out that they had forgotten to get someone to organise it; and that none of the councillors had been particularly appointed to be responsible anyway.

(Roll on the 2019 local elections…!)

checkley neighbourhood plan poster
The worst of this is that, more than any other community in the Moorlands, Draycott has been subject to one planning development after another, and really needs the safeguards that a Neighbourhood Plan can provide.
Meanwhile other nearby councils – such as Checkley & Tean (see above pic) and Forsbrook & Blythe Bridge – are cracking on with theirs, leaving Draycott far behind.

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4 responses to “Planning; planning; no-plan

  1. More enthusiasm needed

    I hope I can give a little clarity on the Draycott Neighbourhood Plan question.
    My wife and I went to a symposium on Neighbourhood Plans in Bridgnorth some time ago, when Draycott Parish Council was in the early stages of putting their plan together. One of the important points that was emphasised at the meeting, was that a lot of people with many skills would be needed to make the plan work.
    So the Parish Council prepared a questionnaire and a newsletter to distribute all over the Parish – believe me when I say we covered the whole parish. There were very few questionnaires returned.
    So the council made plans for drop-in meetings advertised around the parish, at the Church Hall, St Margaret’s Church and the Draycott Arms. The only people who turned up were the family of Parish Councillors.
    If no interest can be elicited, what chance has the Parish Council in putting together a committee of many talents?

    The question of the pinch point by the Izaak Walton Inn has me baffled. The resident who had the beautiful wall and fence built, mentioned in your dispatch, must have referred to SMDC before having that built – but no word has come through at a Parish Council level to give any kind of idea as to what is planned for the pinch point to be resolved.
    Perhaps somebody else knows something?


    • N Plan attendance

      Can I just point out that it was not ‘only people who turned up were the family of Parish Councillors’. There were others there too and I was one of them.
      None of my family are Parish Councillors.


    • DPC, you make a valid point. All of us involved in voluntary or community action know that getting the public involved is hard. But, any community activity comes down to leadership. Did each councillor believe enough in the project, really? And did the council show enough energetic leadership to make it happen?

      Also, the council don’t seem sure what their policy is. Is the N Plan project, as you suggest, all washed-up? Or will a councillor be appointed to continue the project?
      I guess the council do have to come to a decision.
      Mark Stewart


    • Waste of an evening

      I was also at the meeting, and have no connection with any member of the Parish Council.
      With regard to the N Plan, and lack of interest from the Parish. Was it due the fact that there was a lack of leadership/enthusiasm from the Council?
      I felt that I wasted an evening attending, no Agenda:no Minutes of last meeting; lack of financial statement.


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