Development for Draycott now even bigger

Well, we didn’t expect any different did we – really?
The proposal to expand the number of houses on the forthcoming Blythe Vale/Fields development site (on Draycott level, at the roundabout ) passed the Moorlands Council Planning Committee very easily.  All the councillors on the committee voted in favour.
In fact, they loved it – because it all helps with their regional quotas…

This proposal was to expand the original number of dwellings planned for the site by a very large amount – almost 25% (meaning obviously a proportionate rise in population). Predictions are that the estate will now hold around 400 people.
This new plan squeezes in more homes on the site – meaning incidentally that even more of the new houses will be close to the A50 highway.

St Modwen Vale plan leaflet

Blythe Vale-Fields. Now up from 118 homes to 146.  The A50 is on the left in this diagram; the Draycott level road at the top

Now, you’d think all this would be controversial, and worth a deep debate, wouldn’t you?
Nope. The whole thing seemed done & dusted even before it started.
You can see for yourself: the webcast-video of the committee in action (the whole item only lasts just over 15 minutes) is online, and can be seen by clicking here and then clicking on ‘Item 7’.

No representation

You’d think too that someone from our own Draycott village council, or from next-door Forsbrook Council (it’s illogical, but they share the issues relating to this site with us), would turn up to speak about this issue at this meeting, wouldn’t you?
But… no, they didn’t.

The only person from Draycott who turned up to speak was resident Paul Meredith, who lives down the slope from the coming estate. But his comments were brushed aside.

Lack of interest

Poor Draycottians! There has been virtually no one speaking up for them. (In fact there were barely any comments on the official feedback website about these plans).
And, despite being asked for their full thoughts, Draycott Council instead had submitted a rather feeble opinion about possible traffic issues. (As it turned out, Staffordshire Highways experts thought the traffic aspect was so insignificant that they didn’t even bother submitting a comment about it).

But let’s not just criticise Draycott Council for their lack of interest.
Our local Moorlands District councillors remained silent; and Forsbrook Council (much of the site is within their boundaries) didn’t even bother with any feedback at all!

Get used to it

Including the development at Cresswell, the population of our district is about to increase by a massive 50% – yet our politicians just say… zilch.

And… not to be too depressing … there is even more housing development in the pipeline for our little area during the next ten years, even after this current phase of double-development.

All this really does show why we need to elect new, more capable councillors. The current lot may be nice people – but they just aren’t up to the job.

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2 responses to “Development for Draycott now even bigger

  1. Reproduced below is the supposed ‘feeble plea’ from Draycott Parish Council that is referred to in the article. It was submitted on the last Blythe Vale planning application webpage.
    I hope that this clarifies how this article colours the Parish Council activities, because the article doesn’t give any credit to Draycott Parish Council, but then again we are not surprised by that.

    Draycott in the Moors Parish Council – formal response to Blythe Vale planning application, in full

     The properties we note are to be increased to 146 dwellings which will increase the volume of traffic egressing and accessing the site on a daily basis.
     We are concerned regarding the speed of the traffic approaching the roundabout eastward along the A521. There have already been 3 fatalities within close proximity to the proposed access to the site within the last few months.
     Similarly, we are concerned about the current excessive speed limit when leaving the roundabout on the A50 and travelling west wards towards Draycott also on the A521. With the proposed new access arrangements, the current speed allowed will be extremely dangerous.
     The access to the site approaching from the ease is poor due to the curve in the road.
     The stretch of road in front of the access to the site is currently very congested during parts of the day and especially in the morning. The extra houses will exacerbate the situation. The congestion ensuing will make the crossing of the road in the proposed manner dangerous to children and young persons.
     The Toucan Crossing although a good method of crossing a busy road will also add to the congestion as the crossing is so close to the exit from the development and the A50 Roundabout.
     Ideally there should be a bridge over the dual carriageway for pedestrians.
     The increase in the number of dwellings should not be allowed on safety grounds.
     The Local Plan clearly states that it is the intention of the SMDC to preserve the rural nature of the Moorland village communities. Draycott- in -the – Moors, is acknowledged to be a village and yet is being subjected to these massive developments and their consequences. Clearly, traffic issues are a major part of these consequences. Any accidents ensuing from the poorly sited access to the new development which it is being proposed will have increased traffic from the extra properties will be the responsibility of SMDC.



    • Reply from Editor.
      Hi Rocketman.
      I disagree with your point. In fact I think the full submission you reproduce here bears out exactly the point in the article.
      This new estate, for 146 households (ie an estimated 400-500 people) will: cause pressures on facilities (doctors, schools, police); create extra social pressures – look at the way Blythe Bridge is having youth problems right now -; create a ribbon development, making us an urban village, no longer rural; and leave us prey to even more development along the ridge (which is in fact already in the pipeline).
      Yet the council seems not to realise the enormity of what is to happen – Draycott-in-the-Moors is about to see a 50% population rise (including the Cresswell development)…
      Yet the council think (from its submission) that this is just a traffic issue!
      Even you must acknowledge that that is rather a “feeble” response to such a large issue.
      Editor of this website


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