General election 2019

Yet another election is upon us – o joy…!
Seriously though (!), this one is even more important than most, so we’re giving you a whole page here about the technicalities and the personnel.

Scroll down for info on: how to vote; the constituency we are in; the candidates; and the candidates’ statements.


The deadlines for the various voting options (including voting by post) are all listed here.

For the rest of us, we should go to cast our vote at Draycott Church Hall, which will be open to voters between 7am and 10pm on the day. Parking is available (but watch out for those potholes in the lane!!)


We (Draycott, Cresswell, Totmonslow) are all in Stone Constituency, which is one of the biggest and most weirdly shaped in England.  It looks a bit like a hump-backed camel!  It stretches from the other side of Newcastle to Stone and to Cheadle, and to us of course. In fact, Draycott is at the north-eastern tip of the constituency. It’s a semi-rural constituency.

stone constituency - draycott parish area

Draycott is in the north-eastern tip of Stone constituency

A few links for you:
The BBC has kindly set up a page for us which will update on us on any significant news about the Stone constituency. As you can see from this BBC page, national politics doesn’t much impinge on our constituency (!), but the page is worth keeping an eye on.
The independent ‘hyper-local’ news website for our region ‘A Little Bit Of Stone’ has also set up a Stone Election updates page.
If you want to know the exact boundaries of the constituency, the Ordnance Survey Electoral Map is pretty good…


The nominations deadline was last week, so we know now that the constituency will be contested by: the Conservatives, the Greens, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.  No Brexit Party though, even though UKIP stood last time around.
You’ll find the candidates’ full names, their seconders and their addresses on the official government page.

One immediately interesting fact about the candidates is that only two of the four (the Green and the Lib Dem) actually live in the constituency. The Conservative lives in Shropshire and the Labour in Stoke.

Candidates’ stances

We had hoped by now to find an election statement from our candidates on their parties’ websites, but, at the time of writing (Nov 27th), only the Lib Dem had put up a full statement.
Anyway, here are their pages (keep checking them if you want to see a statement, eventually):
Conservatives for Stone (candidate Bill Cash)
Greens for Stone (candidate Tom Adamson)
Labour for Stone (candidate Mike Stubbs)
Lib Dems for Stone (candidate Alec Sandiford)

So we must rely on the local press for interviews and for setting up ‘hustings’. Thank goodness for the press!

The local online news-website A Little Bit of Stone has an online-only hustings event on their Facebook site on the evening of Wed December 3rd (between 7pm and 9pm).
The Eccleshall Today website has an in-person hustings at the Royal Oak pub in Eccleshall on Thursday 28th Dec – though the Conservative candidate declined to appear.

The local online news-website A Little Bit of Stone has done interviews with all four candidates:  Conservative candidate Bill Cash ; Green candidate Tom Adamson ; Labour candidate Mike Stubbs ; and Lib Dem candidate Alec Sandiford.
And the Leek Post & Times Weekly is interviewing the candidates, one each week. They started with the Lib Dem candidate Alec Sandiford on Nov 20th, so it’s worth going along to your library to see the back-copies if you haven’t read them already.

Please email us if you have suggestions about how best Draycott people can keep up with the election

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