The future of this website

It’s with a heavy heart that we tell you that we are having to pull back the work of this website.

This website, the Draycott Community Website, has been bringing news, comment and listings for nearly ten years now. We have been very successful for a small website: in the year 2019, there were 13,000 visitors to the site.
However, recently it’s been proving very hard to keep up the level of work that we feel is properly needed.

Even as little as three years ago, there was a small team of researchers, writers, photographers who all contributed to the output. The team was all volunteers, doing it for the love of it, happy to do it for the sake of the village.
But, as happens with volunteers, some people leave, and fewer and fewer come in to fill the gaps. And illness comes in too sometimes.
The research bit is the hardest thing to do. Keeping up with the shenanigans of the big developers, not to mention the antics of the village council and other local politicians, requires hours of going over documents – and we don’t now have enough people to do the job as thoroughly as we think we need to.


So, the remaining two of us have decided simply to pull back somewhat. (Developers and politicians will no doubt be happy to hear this!).
News updates will now be much less frequent, and the what’s-on page much thinner indeed.

We will however try to keep the website alive – by changing our objective, to publishing opinion pieces and history items (which actually we love the best, really!), with just the very occasional news update.
(So, if you have an opinion piece which you’d like to write and see published on this site, please send it in… on any topic.)

Maybe we will one day be back to full strength, but for now, expect a much thinner Draycott Community Website.

In the meantime… have a happy 2020…!

7 responses to “The future of this website

  1. A great loss to us all. I will very much miss the info and updates, but I also understand how time consuming it all is.


  2. Thank god your closing down. Nothing bit inane drivel and anti council nonsense. You’ve done nothing but destroy what little spirit is left in our community .
    Matt edwards


  3. Sorry to read of this. the Website has been a great source of information. hope you manage to get some replacement
    thanks to thoses that have given their time to the Website


  4. ☹ the info regarding the housing estate roadworks has been invaluable for me and my friends and visitors. Thank you.
    Are there any budding students of journalism out there?
    Jayne EDWARDS


  5. So sad to read this … always look forward to reading your most informative emails, along with the quirky humour & photos..
    You’ll be missed..
    Kind regards
    Fiona x


  6. So sorry to hear this The Web site has been a trusted servant to the community and will be greatly missed.
    Let’s hope that you feel able to continue at a lower frequency of publications

    REPLY from Admin
    Thanks Chris. That comment is appreciated. Really appreciated.


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