Draycott’s War Memorial – World War Two

Back in the 1960s, the congregation at Draycott St Margaret’s put up a war memorial plaque in the church. It named the forces personnel of the parish who had died in both world wars.
See – the story of Draycott’s war memorial.

Draycott war memorial

Draycott war memorial plaque inside St Margaret’s

But neither the rector nor the church wardens of the time left any record identifying who these servicemen & women were… so we started a project to find out something about them.
Having already identified those who died in WW1, we have now also finally identified the four men and one woman from 1939-45.
Bernard Joseph Stubbs had survived two years in the appalling conditions of the Japanese ‘Burma Railway’ POW camps when he was killed in 1944 in a bombing raid – carried out by planes from his own side…
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Joyce Atkin (not Atkins) was a nurse, and is the only woman on the Draycott memorial.
She was on a troopship sailing to southern India in February 1944, when her ship was attacked and sunk by an enemy submarine.
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Paul Dobson
was killed parachuting into Germany during Operation Plunder the (successful) attempt to cross the River Rhine in 1945.
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Lawrence Cyples
died in one of the most devastating attacks on British shipping in the whole war – the disaster of the SS Lancastria.
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Bede Vavasour wasn’t even twenty years old when he died in 1942, serving in the RAF Volunteer Reserve Squadron 12 (part of Bomber Command).
See full story

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