NEWS of: new defib / fayre good report / ‘tower captain’ / laptops needed

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors & District in mid September 2021
In this post we have news of…: Third defibrillator for Draycott / reports of the fayre / bell-ringers’ news / save your old laptops

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New defib for village

Excellent news is that Draycott-in-the-Moors now has a new public defibrillator – which was installed at the Draycott Arms just a couple of weeks ago.

Defib at The Arms

A defibrillator is a little unit which is used to deliver a mild electric shock to anyone who is in cardiac arrest, and so it can save lives. It is not a substitute for calling 999, but, when minutes count, it can be used while you’re waiting for the ambulance.

Well done to the parish council for facilitating the project, but well-done chiefly of course to the donors. These units are not provided by the authorities; cash is needed. And well done too to the Arms; the system will feed off the pub’s electric supply – without that, the mechanism could fail.

The new unit brings the number of defibrillators in the locality to three – joining the long-established one in the Cresswell kiosk and the one at Draycott Sports Centre. It’s hoped one may be installed at The Golden Keg in the future.

_ _
Fayre enough

It’s a bit after the event, yes, but we should mention the Draycott Fayre, which took place on August 22nd.
Despite having to be organised very much at the last minute (to ensure it was Covid-friendly), things went smoothly and a good day was had by all. The Stunner newspaper did the event proud by giving it a centre-spread in its pages, using photographs taken by Neil Archibald.

Centre-pages coverage of Draycott Fayre in the Stunner (Cheadle & Tean Times)

(Neil Archibald is one of the stalwarts at Draycott St Margaret’s Church. Many of the church’s congregation were helping on the day, because the funds raised go toward the maintenance of our 800 year-old church).
Neil has put an album of dozens of photos of the day on to the Flickr website on the internet – click here to see them. There’s a nice sense of humour to them, so well worth checking out!

Of course, the numbers of visitors were well down on previous years, so the church won’t get its usual level of funding from the fayre this year, but still well-done to John Clarke and his team for making it happen, against the odds…

_ _
Aye aye captain

Talking of John Clarke, congratulations to him on being appointed ‘Tower Captain’ at St Margaret’s. The moniker sounds grander than it is (!), but it is an old title, meaning the leader of a church’s bell-ringers.

The Draycott St Margarets bell-ringing team, with John Clarke third from right (pic: St Margaret’s website)

The team at the church will be busy practising over the next months for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year, when bells will ring right across the country.
They always need volunteers (and it’s great way to keep fit), so, if you fancy a go, email John.

If you enjoy bells (and who doesn’t?), there’s nothing more calming than to sit outside the church on an evening when the team are practising (usually Thursdays). It’s a great way to relieve stress, honest…

_ _
Old makes new

Finally, don’t throw away your unwanted computers. Members of our local Rotary Club are asking for donations of second-hand hand laptops/tablets, which they will refurbish and pass on to neighbourhood schools.

The need for more computers for children is a Covid thing, because so many kids have had to go online for their education, and sometimes even just to catch up on what they’ve been missing – so kids without a lot of access to a computer are having a hard time.

By the way, if you’re concerned about any data that might be still on your computer, don’t worry. The promise is that the computers will be first ‘wiped’ by a professional technician, which makes it a great option.
Rotary’s Peter Nixon is also offering to come pick up the old computers; or you can drop them off at Blythe Bridge Library. Contact Peter for details.

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