What and where is Draycott in the Moors? What is this website about, and whom is it for? How to contact us.


Draycott in the Moors is a district just east of Blythe Bridge, and just south of Cheadle,  in north Staffordshire. The area is identified by the boundaries of the Draycott in the Moors Civil-Parish Council.

It is also known as Draycott-le-Moors, and Draycott-en-le-Moors.

The area covers the actual village of Draycott in the Moors, the hamlets of Cresswell, Draycott Cross, Newton and Totmonslow, and also the zones of Bromley Wood and Huntley Wood.

To find out the exact Draycott In The Moors civil parish boundaries, use this map.  (Don’t forget to put your address in the ‘Zoom To Location‘ section, and then to click on ‘Parish’ in the ‘View Map Layers‘ section).

English: Draycott-in-the-Moors Post Office. (n...

Draycott-in-the-Moors Post Office. (now closed) (Photo:Wikipedia)

Despite being so small and semi-rural, the area includes two churches, three pub-restaurants, one sports centre, a plant nursery, an industrial park, three Indian restaurants, a football team (Draycott Potters), a crown green bowls club, a sheltered housing complex, many farms, an outdoor recreation centre, a professional music studio, and an alternative-education college (which replaced the now-closed Draycott Manor Primary School).
The parish council of Draycott-in-the-Moors administers the area within the district council area of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

A small post office & shop closed some years ago; the nearest shops are now in Blythe Bridge and Tean.


This website is an independent labour of love, looked after by a couple of local residents – Mark Stewart checks it over for mistakes and accuracy, so if anyhting is wrong, blame him! We do it just for fun – and, we hope, for the well-being of the district.
We do not take advertising, though the platform on which the website is constructed, WordPress, do soemtimes insert their own adverts.

And… you can join in!
You can post a bit of news on the Notice Board page, or an event on the Things To Do page; or make a comment on any page, using the comments form at the bottom of any post.
Very often, people just submit some notes and ask us to turn them into an article.  We are happy to do that.

You can also submit a photo or short video for our Photo Of The Moment spot (obviously, the photo must have some relevance to Draycott and surroundings…): just send an email to us with the photo attached.

If you’d like to write articles, or take photos for the site, we’d love to hear from you.  You can do as much or as little as you like.  There is no age limit! We even have some schoolchildren (with parents’ permission of course) doing stuff.
If you’re not confident about your skills, don’t fret – we will help. We are pretty friendly and live right in the middle of Draycott.
For enquiries, just send an email to us

To contact us, you can just use the response form below too, although you will need to include your email-address or phone number in the comment if you want us to get back to you.


4 responses to “About

  1. Bikes not an issue

    If the quad bikes are alreday usign the track, then it won’t make much difference to the people of Railwa Cottages if the path is looked after a bit better! The quad bikes would be usign it in either case, wouldn’t they?
    But, a bit of improvement will make it usable for horses.
    If you really wnat to stop quad bikes (but let horses & walkers thru) ou have to build strategic obstructions. But that is another point.


  2. Thanks for the info.


  3. More about the team

    Hello, I’m just wondering if you can list who the people are on this website’s management board. You hint that there is a core group but only refer to Mark Stewart as an overseer of content; also what interests and groups they are involved in would be helpful.
    I only ask because people in the parish clearly put a lot of importance on the opinions you upload here – sort of on a par or even more important than the Parish Council.
    For example, one person has commented, after reading your October listing, that any councillor who appears to ‘mock’ the website’s requests should resign. I was at this meeting but it must have gone over my head.
    Still, it would be nice to hear more about our local website team. Best wishes.


    • Thanks Grendel for your interest.
      There is no ‘management board’ for the website; this is just an informal project which goes along as best it can.
      In fact, as you will have seen from the last post, we are struggling for contributors: one has left the area, one is committed to other stuff, and one is not so well these days. Fortunately, lots of residents do email the website with snippets of information and so on.
      So, apart from occasional contributors, it’s just me running things right now. If you care to join the project, just drop me a line. However, I’m hoping a couple more people will join up in the new year.

      It is curious that you ask about our interests. I asked parish councillors the same question at a meeting a couple of months ago, and they just refused to answer! As for me, I don’t mind you asking at all: history is my big interest and I am a member of Amnesty.
      I am sorry that you didn’t hear what was said at the October meeting of the council. Sometimes the councillors just talk with their backs to us, so that we members of the public cannot hear what they are saying. Maybe that happened. However, if you do want to know what happened, the incident you refer to was reported in our post published on October 18
      Mark, Draycott website

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