Voting at elections in Draycott

Here in this district, we elect: one MP, for Parliament; three Moorlands ‘district’ councillors for the SMDC Council at Leek; and seven ‘civil’ councillors to sit on Draycott in the Moors village council (formally known as ‘Draycott Parish Council’ although it is a proper local government body, and nothing to do with the church).

At the polling station…

Our polling station for election ballots is Draycott Church Hall – though if you cannot get to the polling station on the day you may use proxy votes or postal votes (so long as you remember to sort that out in advance!).
If you think you will not get to the polling station itself on the day, here is a quick guide to proxy, postal and other voting.

Each elector has:
one vote to select an MP at a parliamentary election..;
three votes to select district councillors at a Staffs Moorlands Council election…;
seven votes to select ‘parish’ councillors at a Draycott Council election.

However, you do NOT have to use all your allowed votes if you do not want to.
(If, say, you like only two of the candidates in a council election, you are permitted to vote just for those two only – you do not have to use all of your allowed votes).

If an elector accidentally makes more crosses on the ballot paper than they are allowed, they should ask the teller for a fresh ballot, otherwise their ballot will be disqualified.

Have you got a vote?

In most elections, you will get a polling card through the door if you are eligible to vote. The card will give details of how to cast your vote.
Of course, you don’t actually need the polling card, but it is reassuring to have it, and it does give almost all the details about voting that anyone would need…

Suppose you haven’t received a card? Well, the district council should have also dropped you a letter explaining who is registered to vote and who isn’t in your household.
If you have not got that, and you want to double-double-check if you are eligible to vote, you should email and ask.
(You have to ask them, because the electoral register is not online, so you can’t just check it yourself. Which is a bit annoying).

You cannot vote in any parish council elections, district council elections or parliamentary elections unless you are registered to vote.
To find out how to register to vote, click here

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