Voting at a general election in Draycott

Here in this district, we elect: our MP, for Parliament; all of our three district councillors, to go to the SMDC Council at Leek; and all seven of our ‘civil / parish’ councillors to sit on Draycott in the Moors Parish Council.

Our polling station on the day for election ballots is Draycott Church Hall – though if you cannot get to the polling station on the day you may use proxy votes or postal votes (so long as you remember to sort it out in advance!).
If you think you will not get to the polling station itself on the day, here is a quick guide to proxy, postal and other voting.

Each elector has:
one vote to select an MP…;
three votes to select district councillors…;
and seven votes to select our parish councillors.
However, you do NOT have to use all your allowed votes if you do not want to.  (If, say, you like only four of the candidates in the parish council election, you are permitted to vote just for those four only – you do not have to use all seven of your allowed votes).

If an elector accidentally makes more crosses on the ballot paper than they are allowed, they should ask the teller for a fresh ballot, otherwise their ballot will be disqualified.


One response to “Voting at a general election in Draycott

  1. Travellers site is alright

    Some candidates for the district council have stated on their election sheet that they wish to remove the Travellers site in Checkley. Well you have just lost my vote: the family on that site have turned that rough ground into a pleasant site, they are polite, courteous and cause no bother to anyone.

    Checkley Community Centre on the other hand are willing to have weekend visitors on their car park from so called organised groups. Please explain what the difference is (other than putting money in the centre).

    By the way did you know when the car park weekend campers arrive they are breaking all camping and caravan club rules – which state units must be at least 20-23 feet apart. I shudder to think that if one of their units caught fire the consequences that would follow.
    Keith Steventon


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