Want to be on Draycott in the Moors Council?

Every four years, here in this district, we have a chance to go to the polls to elect all of our Draycott-in-the-Moors district ‘civil’ councillors (seven in total). The next elections are in May 2019.
If you wish to stand as a councillor, you must get your nomination paper in by April 3rd 2019.
(Draycott in the Moors Civil Council is formally known as a ‘parish council’ although it is an official & proper local government body, and has nothing to do with the church).

The council’s area covers all Draycott, Cresswell almost as far as Hilderstone, Totmonslow and Draycott Cross.
To see the area, have a look at the official map to see Draycott Council’s boundaries (in the left-hand column, tick ‘Boundaries’, then tick Parish Boundaries)

Current councillors must stand down at every election cycle; though, of course, they may decide to seek re-election and stand.
If only seven (or fewer) people stand, then those are automatically selected, without the need for a voting process.

The government is urging more people to come forward, to take part in our civic life, and become community/parish councillors. The current members on Draycott say they would welcome new interest.

Qualifying to stand for election for Draycott Council

There is no charge for standing at an election to a parish council…

Qualification…     Any adult (18 years or older) who lives in (or near), regularly works in (even voluntary-work), or owns land or property in Draycott, Cresswell, Totmonslow or Newton is entitled to stand for election to Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council.
(There are a few exceptions to this rule – see Electoral Guide).

This means that, for example….: someone who lives in Stoke but works in Cresswell is eligible; someone who lives in Stafford but who owns land in Totmonslow is eligible; someone who lives in Uttoxeter but who carries out regular voluntary work in Draycott is eligible; and even someone who lives just over the parish border (in, say, Blythe Bridge) is eligible.
Surprising – but true!
For more details, see the Electoral Commission page
However, you must also be on the ‘electoral roll‘ to stand (though you do not have to have your voter registration in this particular district, it can be anywhere in the UK).

No experience needed…

* You need no academic qualifications or experience to stand for or sit on a parish council.
*You do not have to be a member of a political party, or any grouping at all…
*You do not even have to be British
*The duties of a councillor are not that difficult: you make of it what you want to.  The simple minimum is that you should try to attend a monthly meeting (except August) of the council.
*You can withdraw off the council whenever you wish.
*You do not have to pay any money to be on a parish council (but you receive no income either).

The Electoral Commission has an easy to read guide on the whole business.

Fresh blood needed

Most of the current parish councillors on our parish council have only ever had to fight one election, the 2015 election.  This was because there have not been enough other candidates on the list at previous elections, so they were either made councillors automatically (being ‘unopposed’) – or were invited to join the council (being ‘co-opted’) to fill the gaps.
In fact, there has only been one all-out election in Draycott in the last twenty years… the 2015 one.

Some sections of our community could do with better representation on Draycott in the Moors Parish Council.
Farmers, business-people and people in full-time employment are under-represented on the council, as are parents whose children are still in education, and people under 40.
As in so many other walks of life, women too are under-represented on this council.


The next full elections are scheduled for May 2019. You can get advice on what to do from the council’s clerk about how to go about it, and how to get a nomination paper. Nomination papers for the 2019 elections must be in by April 3rd and will be available from early March.

The last date to get your nomination paper in is early April, though you’ll need to be thinking earlier than that about filling out the form.

Nomination papers must be hand-delivered to the Main SMDC Offices in Leek.  They cannot be submitted by post, fax, or e-mail (or other electronic means) – though you can ask a friend to take the form in for you.

If you have questions, please use the comments box at the bottom of this page to ask them.

Nomination Form

Nomination form

The image on the right shows the 2015 nomination form for anyone wishing to stand as a parish councillor in Draycott-in-the-Moors.  As you can see it was very simple!  No complicated research needed at all.
Double-click on the image to see an enlarged version of it – then use the ‘back-button’ to get back to this page

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Previous Draycott elections

See: 2015 Election Results / 2013 (by-election only) / 2011 Election Results (uncontested) / 2007 Election (uncontested) / 2003 Election (uncontested)
(When the election is called ‘uncontested’, it means no voting took place, as there were not enough candidates for an election)

(By-elections in parish councils work differently to the rest of government.  They are not automatic, but, if and when a vacancy comes up, they have to be ‘called‘ by ten electors of the district)

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