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NEWS: Xmas fest / Blithe project / darts! / community cash

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-November 2017
In this post we have news of…: Christmas tree festival / River Blithe clean-up / 50 up for Phyllis / darts at the Arms / community fund pay-out…
(NB – There are also dozens of events coming up in our locality – including loads of Xmas events!!. Check out the Events page)
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– – –
Get in the Christmas (tree) spirit

The people of Draycott come together as a community too little sadly, but one time they definitely do bond is for the annual village Christmas Tree Festival.
This is a great project – as it allows anyone from the district & surroundings to decorate a small Christmas tree and enter it into a display.

A lot of people who enter into the spirit of the project have a theme in their decoration, whether it’s to highlight the good work of a local organisation, or to spread general thoughts of goodwill. It’s not a religious thing necessarily – you choose the look and the ‘message’ for yourself.

Draycott Christmas Fest 2014 6

The trees are along the two side aisles of the church making them easy to see

There’s no big hassle to it either. Your family could decorate a small tree (real or artificial, but it must be under 4 feet high) any time over the next day or two – and then simply deliver it to St Margaret’s Church during Saturday (2nd December) – the day the organisers are accepting the trees.
The exhibition of trees then stays up in the church (during which time the building is open to the public during the afternoon) from Sunday 3rd until Sunday 10th.

It’s all free too: no fee to enter a tree, and no fee to get into the church to see the exhibition. If you need more details email Pauline Clarke, but, really, it’s as easy as that.
To see the full details of ‘rules’, click here.
Go on. You know you want to!

– – –
Money in time for Christmas

It’s taken quite a while, but at last money from the ‘Newton Solar Array Community Fund’ is being distributed. This is the money set aside by the company that runs the solar farm near Totmonslow, as a sort of gift to our community for any disruption caused, and comes to about £2000 per year.
The company has entrusted Draycott Council with the cash, to hand out as the councillors see fit.

Well, the first round of applications has now been completed, and the winners are:
Draycott Church & Community Hall, which receives £500 toward the cost of new fireproof curtains
Lee Warburton, a local resident, who has asked for £285 toward the cost of installing new floral planters in the village
The Draycott Speed Watch Group, which will get £350 to purchase a radar-gun when it formally starts up
Councillor Steve Jones, who asked for £300 to be used to fund a project in Draycott for children
Another request for £1000 as part-payment against Mary Edwards’ project to re-surface part of Church Lane (see our story about this) was put on hold while more information was sought
Some other requests were either withdrawn or postponed until the next round of applications.

Steve’s project is probably the most intriguing one. He has set up a youth group called ‘Gaming Potion’, which aims to get kids off smartphones & gaming consoles and into ‘real’ hands-on games.  The idea is to arrange occasional day-long events over the next year or so, to be held at Draycott Church Hall – one is already arranged for late December (see our Events page) .  He’s also looking for volunteers who like tabletop gaming to help out.

It’s great to see the community-fund being taken up like this. If you feel that you have a project which would benefit, just click here and fill out the form.
The next lot of applications will be considered in the new year.

– – –
A different kind of streaming

Officials from the South Staffordshire Water Company may have been reading this website when they came up with their latest idea.
We wrote a story last month mentioning that the River Blithe (which runs right down from Draycott & Cresswell to Tittesworth Reservoir and then to Rugeley), was not in great condition.

Cresswell Bridge silt

River Blithe passes under Cresswell Bridge

Well SSW are now offering grants up to £10,000 to farmers who have land around the course of this river – if they take part in a land improvement scheme.
It sounds really worthwhile.

For more info, phone Nina at SSW on 01922 638282; and if you are a farmer who decides to take part, will you let us know how it goes?

– – –
Arrows at the Arms

The refurbishment at the Draycott Arms pub has been moving along nicely – so much so that a darts team is now making regular use of the snug.

The Draycott Arms team is doing rather well too, holding a mid-table position in the Ipstones Darts League – though organiser Andy Bird does point out that “we don’t take it TOO seriously; it’s more about fun and getting together really”.

The team, which is made up of both men and women, could do with a couple more members in the squad however.
Are you free on occasional Tuesday evenings? Do you think you could throw an ‘arrow’ straight enough? (Well, straight enough not to damage the surrounding paintwork..?!!).
Just email Zara at the Arms, or just drop in, and you’ll get a friendly welcome – as well as more information.

– – –
Fifty years in the Institute

And finally… congratulations to Phyllis Sales, a lady who, when she commits to something, really does commit!

This month, Phyllis celebrates fifty years as a member of the Draycott Women’s Institute. Being a member has probably kept her as young as she is…
(Wouldn’t it be great if other members collated some of her memories, to add to the village’s treasure trove of recent history?)

The Draycott branch of the Women’s Institute meets monthly to hear talks and organise worthwhile projects.
It’s been expanding recently, so if you’d like to join up with a nice bunch of people, just email them for information.
Only one membership rule though: you do have to be a woman…!

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Merry Christmas Tree Festival

Merry Christmas to one and all!
(Our apologies for not having posted recently – one member of the team left the area, one has been unwell, and the others have been off helping with Christmas projects.  Back to normal in 2017 we hope.)

The Draycott Church Christmas Tree Festival is one of the sadly too few times when a broad range of our community comes together just to share something for fun.  Families, neighbours, schools, businesses, groups are all invited to dress a tree and place it in the church for a week to be admired and even smiled at!
You don’t have to be religious to join in; it’s for everyone.  And whoever came along got a free mince pie; you can’t beat that.

Christmas wishes and promises

A number of the trees this year, especially the ones dressed by children, had not just baubles and tinsel hung on them but Christmas wishes & promises too.  Some were sad, like the plea to stop wars, but some made us smile.
We particularly liked the one (pic below) in which one child promises to help their mum… not every day (that would be too hard…) but… nearly every day!

Draycott Xmas Tree Festival 2016 - wish

A Christmas promise that (nearly) can be kept!

The special school in Blythe Bridge, Portland School, also used its tree to remind us all that they take the spirit of seasonal goodwill very seriously, illustrating ways in which they are helping a project in Africa, in a town called Bakau Newtown in Gambia.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see more photos of this year’s trees, click here.


Well done to all those who put in trees.

The pupils of Draycott Moor College made a real effort to bring in theirs, as the first tree they completed was accidentally broken and they had to start over again.
Well done too to all those who came up with ‘themes’. Jackie Knott, one of the stalwarts of Blythe Cricket Club designed a tree of cricket bats and cricket balls, while the Draycott Bell Ringers constructed a miniature ringing tower to go with their tree.
First Tean Brownies, Forsbrook Tiddlers Group, the Draycott WI and the Draycott Craft Club were just some of the other groups to take part.
And an especial thanks to John Clarke who did all the hard work in getting the festival off the ground and making it a success.

Although there was a good turnout this year, of nearly twenty trees, it really should be better supported.  It’s all over now for the 2016 event, but wouldn’t it be great if, next year, there were fifty trees??

A ‘Colours-ful’ Christmas message…

It’s time to wish everybody a “Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year”!
Back in 1934, the management at the Blythe Colours factory in Cresswell were doing exactly the same thing; circulating this leaflet (below) to all their hundreds of clients…

Blythe Colours Xmas Wishes 1934

Thanks to the people at the Cheadle History Centre for letting us use this image from their Blythe Colours Works archives.

Christmas message

We’ve also been asked to publish this special end-of-year message from Roger Holdcroft, the chairman of Draycott Parish Council

Message from Chair of Parish Council, December 2015

To all Residents.

It is now six months since the present Parish Council was elected and I was appointed to be Chair.  It has been an interesting time, with much to learn, especially for myself and the other new Councillors.  We are indebted to the experienced Councillors for their help and guidance.

The Parish Council has met six times since the election and has considered the usual issues of planning and has conducted all of the required business.  We have also tried to bring about some improvements to the Parish, including such things as grass cutting, hedge management, signage etc… 
A highlight of the year, so far, was being proud to be involved in the installation of the new St Margaret’s Church Rector, and being able to wish him well on behalf of all of the residents of Draycott.

In addition, Draycott Parish Council has joined with other local parishes in the ‘Parishes Together Initiative’, in order to coordinate activities and share experiences.

Perhaps most significantly, in response to requests from parishioners, we have moved forward on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish.
We have enlisted the services of a consultant solicitor, and, on his advice, have formed a Steering Committee, consisting of myself as Chair, Mrs.Kate Bradshaw (Parish Clerk) and two volunteer councillors,  Cllrs Leach and Clarke.  The Committee has met once and has delegated tasks towards producing the first draft of various sections of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, having first of all completed some internet research on Plans produced in other districts across the country.  The services of a proofreader have also been secured to work on later drafts.

Clearly there will need to be consultation with parishioners on the detailed contents of the plan and this process will commence in the New Year.  Parishioners will be notified by pamphlets and via the village and parish council web sites.  I hope that we can rely on the interest and enthusiasm of residents as we work on this project.

I would like to thank all of the Parish Councillors and the invited District Councillors for their attendance at meetings and for the professional and sympathetic manner in which they have shared their views and listened to those of others.  Particular thanks are also due to Mrs.Kate Bradshaw (Parish Clerk) for her diligence and dedication to supporting the Council.

Finally, could I wish all of the residents of our Parish a safe and happy Christmas and a content New Year.

Roger Holdcroft (Chair of Parish Council) – ledgemusic@hotmail.co.uk

Happy Christmas!

Just wishing everybody a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Sandon Road Xmas group

… and it’s a Merry Christmas from this lot too, from a house in Sandon Road…!

Let’s hope for a peaceful, tolerant and joyful 2015…

NEWS: Paynsley Hall / plan opposition / new clerk / xmas trees / theft

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late November 2014
News of…:  full opposition to housing plan / new parish clerk – but curate leaving / Draycott’s historic registers go online / Paynsley Hall “at risk” / xmas trees & holly for sale / Stuart Avenue attempted theft  …
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– –
Unanimous opposition

The parish council meeting which discussed the proposed new housing estate  for Cresswell saw a unanimous rejection of the plans by the council members.
It seems clear that the idea of building two new roundabouts in this area, one outside Blythe Park and one on Uttoxeter Road by Church Lane, is unacceptable.

Not onlynow does VVSM (the local community group) oppose the plans completely, but now the parish council have given a similar verdict, and Bill Cash, our local MP has also come out strongly against – so it seems like everyone in the district is “singing from the same hymn sheet”.

It’s still not sure that the Moorlands Planning Committee will having their vote on the plans at its meeting on December 18th – but it seems likely.
If you have views, you may want to talk to VVSM or the parish council before that meeting; as, afterwards it may be too late.

– –
Comings … and goings

After almost six months since the post was advertised, a new Draycott Parish Council clerk has been appointed.  Kate Bradshaw, who lives in Uttoxeter Road, and is already well known as the treasurer to St Margaret’s Church, will take up the role at the end of this month.  She’s going to be pretty busy – and we wish her the best of luck.
The parish council has also taken this moment to change its email address, which is now draycottparishcouncil@aol.co.uk.

However, otherwise, it’s bad news for St Margaret’s.  As we reported a fortnight ago, Chrissi Thompson, the youth club worker, is leaving at the end of the year, but now also comes news that the curate John Pretty is also resigning, as he is having to leave the area for family reasons – with effect from December 31st.
John and his wife Angela have been mainstays of the community at large – so they will be missed well beyond the church congregation.

– –
Time for history

Talking of St Margaret’s, history enthusiasts will be celebrating the fact that all Staffordshire’s historic Anglican parish registers (dating from 1538-1900) have just been published on the internet as part of the county ‘digitisation project’.
Records of 600 years of burials, baptisms and marriages in Draycott are now available to you at the flick of a keyboard!  The Draycott-le-Moors burial records cover over a thousand entries by themselves.. If you are trying to trace family history, it is an amazing resource.
However, if you are new to Staffordshire Archives Online, we suggest you go into our local library and get a little advice on trawling it first; as the huge size of the records can be overwhelming.

Paynsley Hall in 1960

Paynsley Hall in 1960, before parts of it were demolished

However, local history buffs may be depressed by the other news this month: the annual report from English Heritage about UK listed buildings has put the Paynsley Hall ruins on the ‘at-risk’ register.
Paynsley Hall is an ancient mansion on farmland in Cresswell. It was substantially demolished in the 1960s, though bits of it remain.  The remains weren’t in very good condition before – but EH says the condition of them now is even worse.
The ruins can only be approached by permission of the land-owner, though you can get a glimpse of them from the nearby public footpath (see the Cresswell-Paynsley Country Walk).

– –
Welcome the holly & the fir-tree

A little better news is that Christmas trees start to go on sale this weekend at the Draycott Plant Nurseries.  Our one from last year is still happily growing; so we can testify to their quality.
This year Neil is also providing some interesting varieties of holly, including Ilex ‘Golden King’, Ilex ‘Red Tips’ and the Ilex ‘Ferox Argentea’, the silver hedgehog holly. Ferox comes up like a 3-D effect with snowy tips.  Nice decoration…

– –
Petty crime

Finally, we have got a bit fed up of carrying reports of petty thefts recently, but unfortunately here’s another one.

This time it was an attempted garage burglary by two men in Stuart Avenue last week.  Even though it was before dawn, the attempt was foiled by a vigilant neighbour who frightened the pair off.  They weren’t caught.
As usual, the incident reminds us that sheds and garages are just as attractive to thieves as homes, so good security for them is a must.

If you have any help you can give the police, phone 101.

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If you find the photos on this webpage too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately.

Merry Christmas!!

Yes, Christmas 2013 is here!

To anyone reading this post:   Have a jolly, happy Christmas, and we hope you get what you want from Santa…

Xmas tree

“Star of wonder, star of night” – the DMC Christmas tree

To help keep up the Christmas spirt, we thought you’d like to see the photo of this lovely decorated Christmas tree, which was one of the best to be featured in the recent Christmas Tree Festival at St Margaret’s.

It was deisgned and made by students at Draycott Moor College. It is a ‘real’ tree, collected on one of the students’ study-days on Cannock Chase.

Christmas makes its appearance

Well, it’s taken a while – but at last householders in Draycott-in-the-Moors have started putting up Christmas displays.

One of the first appearances this December was this snowman in New Avenue, even if he seems a little lost in a forest of twigs.

Draycott snowman

A snowman makes an appearance in New Avenue

But he was quickly joined by other arrivals…

Cresswell xmas display

They arrived by sleigh…

The group above makes regular festive appearances in Sandon Avenue (in Cresswell) – and they are very welcome back again!

(Have you some photos of Christmas lights displays in Draycott?  Please email them to us; and we’ll put them up on the site.)

Last minute

It is also the time of year when we all suddenly realise we need a last-minute present.
Don’t forget that Draycott may not have regular shops – but it does have stuff to buy.

Draycott nurseries presents

Presents galore at the nurseries

At Draycott Plant Nurseries, there are tables full of presents and sparkling Christmas decorations.  You don’t just have to buy plants…

And, at Grange End Farm in Cheadle Road, you can even buy a special local food.

Staffordshire honey sign

Honey for sale…

Yes, local honey is available within walking distance of your home!

But if you don’t want even to walk, then you could support local charitable organisations by buying a ‘present’ from them for your friends.
Cheadle & District Animal Welfare Society is the organisation which looks after lost pets locally.  They have a sponsorship scheme for some of the cats and dogs in their care; ideal as a gift for a pet lover maybe?

Do you know of more local produce or local items for sale? Just let us know

NEWS: Speedwatch week / garages? / Xmas trees / Gandhi

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in end-November 2013
We have news…:  the new Gandhi restaurant / Christmas comes to Draycott Nurseries / Cresswell garages problems / local Road Safety Week reports / SMDC move planning pages.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Keeping roads safe

Congratulations to the Cresswell Community Speedwatch group who turned out recently for five days in a row to mark National Road Safety Week.

Cresswell Community Speedwatch

The speedwatch group use a machine that records speed

The stats that they report are amazing.
For example, anyone who thinks Sandon Road (the main one through Cresswell) is a quiet one will be surprised to learn that the group recorded 120 cars passing along it in just one 20-minute period.
As for motorists exceeding the speed limit (and they should know better – the group is out checking vehicles around once a week), the members noted eight in one hour one day!   The number-plates are automatically forwarded to the police.

The district-council councillor for this area, Mark Deaville, has taken the reports so seriously that he has promised that more speed-detector van slots will be allocated to both Sandon Road and Uttoxeter Road in the near future.

– – –
Neglected spot

Talking of Cresswell, it’s hard to know exactly what the future will be for the garages at the end of Rookery Crescent, or even the site that they’re on.

The six garages, which belong to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, are no longer for rent to local residents – and will not be in the future either.
So … what is to happen to the site?

Cresswell garages

Empty cans of lager and fast-food wrappers litter the forecourt to the garages

In the meantime, the place seems to be a popular drinking-spot, if the evidence of the cans left lying about them is anything to go on.

– – –
Stop mucking about, SMDC…

One thing that we personally got upset about this week is the way that Staffs Moorlands District Council keeps altering the URLs of its webpages.

We spent fifteen minutes trying to find the webpage for planning applications that are up for decision currently.  This is because SMDC had dumped the usual webpage they were using, and have built a completely new page.
Unfortunately, they did not bother to inform the public – or to do a re-direct from the old webpage.

Anyway, here is the new planning applications webpage.  Don’t forget to click ‘Draycott’ in the parish drop-down field.

– – –
Have a green Christmas

Happier news is that Christmas trees have now arrived at Draycott Plant Nurseries and are for sale.  You can pick them up and take them away now, or reserve them and collect them later.
The nursery has both quality cut-trees and pot-grown ones available, including Norway Spruce, Nordman Fir, Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir and Omorika …

Christmas trees

Draycott Nurseries – in the Christmas spirit

The shop area, which is in the top greenhouse, also has a range of gifts for gardeners – and also some bespoke Christmas wreaths for sale.

– – –
Goodbye Zest.  Hello Gandhi

Finally, have you noticed that the Zest Indian Restaurant at the southern end of Cresswell (behind The Hunter Pub) has now changed its name?  It’s now to be known as The Gandhi Indian Restaurant.

Gandhi Restaurant sign

The Gandhi is open seven days a week, for sit-down, and takeaway too

What seems to have changed, basically, is that – as well as the sit-down restaurant – it now has a fully automated online system for its takeaway service.  Just fill in the form on the website, and then sit back and wait for the knock on your door…
You need never struggle with difficult Hindi or Urdu pronunciations again!

Of course, you can still use the phone – but online ordering is obviously the way that restaurants will manage their takeaway services in the future.

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NEWS: railway CCTV / college issues / pub petition / Xmas pressies

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-November 2013
We have news…:  Network Rail put CCTV in Cresswell;  incidents at Draycott Moor College;  petition to tidy up the Izaak;  Pointon brothers make Christmas presents;  Highways chief to visit Draycott.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
You are being watched

Have you seen the cables lying across Cresswell Lane?  They have only just been installed, this month, and there a pair either side of the railway level-crossing in the village.

Traffic cables in Cresswell

The cables lie about 100 yards from the crossing

Well, they are traffic monitoring cables of course; and they seem to be something to do with the CCTV camera that has been erected on the south side of the crossing.

Cresswell CCTV

The camera is lined up to focus on the crossing

However, there is no explanation as to why the set-up has been placed here.
The best guess seems to be that:  Network Rail wants to check driver behaviour and traffic density around all its ‘half-barrier’ crossings, such as the one in Cresswell.
However, don’t be surprised if prosecutions arise from this camera monitoring.  In the past, evidence from similar cameras has been used against both motorists and pedestrians who have illegally whizzed around the barriers when they are down.

(If you think no-one would be daft enough to run round a level crossing barrier – just have a look at this official video on YouTube).

– – – –
College bad news

Although there has been a huge improvement in relations between the residents of Draycott Old Road and Draycott Moor College over the last two years, it’s a shame to report that a couple of recent incidents have spoiled that calm.

In the first incident, a woman resident of the road was sworn at and abused as a child from the school was being led to a car.  Stone-throwing took place too.  The woman was extremely shook up and disturbed.
There was also another alleged incident last month.

The college cares for and educates troubled children, and children who seem unable to attend regular school.

Both the headmaster at the college, Roger Flint, and the College & Residents Liaison Committee would like to hear from anyone who has any other incidents to report.
It is even possible an open-meeting might be held if there is enough need for it.

– – – –
Tidy Our Izaak

At the other end of Draycott, another residents’ group is also worried about a local facility.

The VVSM Cresswell Community Group have been concerned over what they call the growing deterioration of the Izaak Walton Pub.
The nineteenth century inn has been closed for nearly a year, and there seems little sign that the chain that owns it wants to maintain it – at least, not the exterior.   There is fly-tipping in the car-park; broken panels have been boarded-over; and the garden walls are collapsing.


Graffiti scrawled on the wall at the Izaak

Now VVSM has started a petition which they are hoping all of Draycott will sign.     It reads:   “Please stop our local pub from running into disrepair. We want the owners to look after it because it is a key feature in the village and because the over grown hedges and the fly tipping are a health hazard

Copies of the petition can be found in the Cresswell Information Kiosk, in the Cresswell lay-by on Sandon Road. The kiosk is open 9am-4pm.

– – – –
Draycott-made Christmas presents

Now to happier matters!

If you have been wondering what to give as Christmas presents this year, look no further than the creations of the two talented Pointon brothers. Both Mathew and Rob grew up in Draycott, and are well-known here.

Matthew Pointons is both a local historian and a writer. He wrote the book on the History of Draycott – which has been selling very well ever since the Draycott Arms pub started to stock it.  In fact, it has sold so well, that they have had to request extra copies!
We also understand that the present stock of the book may well be the last  – and no-one knows if it will be re-printed – so it may be worth getting your copy now before they are gone forever.
You can buy the book, which is two hundred pages long, for just £10 at the Draycott Arms.

The other talented brother, Rob Pointon, is a painter of course. You may well have seen his pictures; even now there are exhibitions in Leek which feature his work.

Year Of The Boat calendar

The calendar is £10 a copy

Rob has now produced a 2014 Calendar with twelve reproductions of his paintings of canal-scenes. The pictures were created in a project with the Canal & River Trust.
The calendar, (which costs £10, plus any p&p) can be obtained by simply emailing Rob’s company for details.
(If you are passing Aston Marina in Stone, they are also available in the farm shop there).

– – – –
Big Date

One of the issues that constantly comes up before the parish council is the state of our local roads – from traffic numbers to potholes to speed limits, and more!

To respond to this community’s concerns, Councillor Simon Tagg – the ‘Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Support Member for Transport & Connected County’ – will be attending the Draycott Parish Council meeting in January.  Basically, he is the big chief in Staffordshire when it comes to highways.

If you have thoughts or questions about the district’s roads or traffic, you’ll want to be there.

To comment on any of the items on this page, or suggest some new ones for future posts,  just use the comments box near the bottom of this page.   (You do not have to leave your email address, which is always kept private anyway, but, if you don’t, that means you might miss any feedback).

NEWS: Speed limits / pre-Xmas events / memories / baby-graves

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-November 2013
We have news of:  speeding issues again and ideas for improvement; pre-Xmas events; project recording local memories; a new memorial for infants who died very young.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Stocking – and stomach – fillers

Yes, everybody seems to be gearing up for Christmas!   Here are just a few things for your diary…

Some toddlers round here attend Great Wood Primary, where the PTFA are organising a Christmas Shopping Trip to Chester on Sunday Dec 1st, for just £10.  If you want to book a ticket, contact the school office – 01538 722370.

Meanwhile Draycott Sports Centre is putting together a Table-Top Fayre at the club on Saturday 7th December for £5 a table.   So far, concerns selling beauty products, candles, jewellery etc have all booked tables.  If you want a table, contact Jo

Nearby Milwich village have their Christmas Fayre at the end of this month.  See our What’s On page for details.

As for parties and the like, many are selling out already.  The Draycott Sports Centre New Years Eve Party is already doing good business we are told, while the Draycott Arms has just announced its Christmas menu and is taking bookings now.
Other pubs in the locality are also gearing up similarly.

Incidentally – congratulations to Conor and Kieran Devine, the landlords at The Huntsman in Huntley.  The pub recently picked up the Staffordshire Moorlands Pub of The Year award.  It’s richly deserved.

– – – –

One subject that comes up again and again at parish council meetings is the excessive speed that some motorists do through Draycott.

40 mph sign

Yes, even the countryside stretch, between Draycott and Totmonslow, is 40mph

They seem not to realise that it is a 40mph zone all the way from the A50 dual carriageway through the village, through Totmonslow, right down to Tean; and likewise right through Cresswell.
(Strangely, Cheadle Road, which runs through Draycott Cross, is a maximum speed limit zone. Very odd.)

So, the council is still appealing for volunteers for a Speedwatch team for Draycott Level.
Some people at the last council meeting said they were fearful of joining a Speedwatch team because of the flak they might get, but the long-established Cresswell Speedwatch team say they have had very few personal issues indeed.
Contact the parish council clerk if you are thinking of volunteering.

Community speed watch sign

One of the Cresswell Speedwatch group’s distinctive signs

The good news about all this is that Mark Deaville, our county councillor, has promised there will be more speed signs in the village in the future, especially near The Draycott Arms.

– – – –
Local memories project

Here’s something you might want to consider if you are an older person, or know a relative who has a long memory.

The Fusion Arts group has just received some funding to start recording and exploring the memories of local residents. The group is based in next-door Tean village,  so it’s especially interested in memories of people from Draycott.

Can you help?  Contact Fusion Arts by emailing them or phoning them on 07504 610071.

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Remembrance for babies

Finally, a sad, but heartening, note.

In the bad old days, babies and other very young children were often buried without marked graves, in a part of the churchyard away from the rest of the burials.
It’s not often clear why this was, but it could be that such young children were probably unbaptised.

Anyway, the cemetery at St Mary Catholic Church in Cresswell certainly does have such an area, and it is great to hear that the church plans to build a simple memorial to those infants – as a focus for the continuing remembrance and prayers of their families.
The local Catholic school, Painsley College, and Nettlebank Memorials are helping to provide this.

It sounds a great idea, and one those little ones deserve.

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