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Draycott going green

One small but important aspect of this year’s (fantastic) Draycott Fayre was … its bins.
The choice of waste disposal may not seem significant at first, but the way that the fayre organisers chose to do it this year was quite different to previous. This year they decided to go green, and so installed recycling bins; and they are to be congratulated on the success of their efforts.

The main coordinator of the fayre, John Clarke had this to say:
“In previous years we have had a skip (generously provided by the local company, Hartley’s) but this year we provided blue bins marked with the type of waste that can be recycled such as glass, metal tins, cardboard and plastics.

Recycling bins at Draycott Fayre 2019As it was a new effort this year I wasn’t sure what reaction we would get from our Fayre visitors, but, having taken the blue bins up to the Cheadle Recycling Centre, can I say that the results were astounding – there were very few instances of mistakes, i.e. of the wrong recycled waste in the wrong bin!
To a certain extent I think our Fayre visitors are ahead of the general population in honouring the recycling ethos!”

And the bins weren’t the only ‘green’ thing at the fayre. The kids’ art competition (another first for the fayre) had for its theme, Saving The Planet – and the young people responded brilliantly.

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In their drawings and painting, you could see that they understood the issues of the environment very well – much better than some of us older ones in fact.

Village level

The organisers of Draycott Fayre hope that their good example will be noticed by all households in the neighbourhood. Many of us sadly do not yet recycle, and those of us who do don’t always bother to do it right.

So, if you want to get recycling done right…
For how to use our municipal recycling bins properly, click here.
There is also a newly opened Eco-Centre in Uttoxeter where volunteers are happy to give advice if you are still confused.

Climate emergency

This month also saw the formal declaration of a pledge by our representatives at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to go ‘carbon neutral’ by 2030. This was in response to councillors’ increasing worries about climate-change – because experts think we have just 12 years left until it gets irreversible.
SMDC followed a good example: one of Theresa May’s last acts as prime minster was to commit the UK to halving carbon emissions by 2030 – the first leading nation to do so.

Not surprisingly, the move was welcomed by the local ‘Staffordshire Moorlands Climate-Action Community’ organisation, a new action group.

And what about our own village council? Will Draycott Council follow the lead of other community councils and take up the climate pledge? It would be good to think they would.

In a way, Draycott is already a centre for sustainable energy. The district already hosts one ‘solar farm’ (where solar panels harness the energy from the sun to make electricity), i.e. the Newton Solar Farm; and it looks like we may be welcoming another one soon (for details, see Cresswell solar farm proposal.)

Wind turbines

But the big test of our local representatives’ green credentials will be when the next crop of applications to build wind turbines comes up.
So far Staffordshire Moorlands and Draycott Council, and even our local MP Bill Cash, have opposed new turbines whenever they could.
Will they change their minds?

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