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NEWS: new speed limits / Silver / scary leaflet / sport debut / cricket

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late July 2020
In this post we have news of…: new speed limits / missing Silver / a scare-mongering leaflet / Jordan’s league debut / cricket is back…

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New speed limits

It looks likely that new speed limits will soon be brought in for the centre of the village. The new limits will apply in central Draycott, in anticipation of a proposed new roundabout there.

Proposed roundabout diagram

Proposed roundabout diagram (detail)

The limit will be reduced from 40mph to 30mph along two stretches: from (roughly) Ford’s (Fayre) Field to Manor Farm; and along Cresswell Lane, from the Draycott junction to (roughly) the Sports Centre.

Annoyingly, at first Highways left residents hardly any time for a public consultation period, so they were forced to extend it by three weeks (from late June to July 14th).
However, very oddly – despite being given this extension and all the public interest -, when our village council met on July 13th, it still did not come up with a formal response to the plans. It’s not clear why not.
(It’s not the first time the village council have failed to put in responses to infrastructure consultations – and you do have to wonder at that kind of record…)

It also seems a bit strange that the Highways Department wants to do this now, because there are still no definite dates for the construction of this particular roundabout – the very reason for the new speed limits!
But anyway, for many residents, sick of the speeding along Uttoxeter Road, it will be good news that there will likely now be new limits.

The changes, when they come in, will follow another speed-limit change in the village – at the west end, where the dual carriageway is now a 40mph zone after having been a 60mph zone up until the New Year. (It was changed to accommodate the new Blythe Fields housing estate there).

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Jordan gets his boots on

The local paper, the Cheadle&Tean Times, has been following the career of Jordan Brown, the Cresswell lad who is steadily going up the professional football ladder. After going through the Stoke City Academy, getting taken on at Derby County, playing in their reserves and in European tournaments, the latest good news that the paper reports is that Jordan has now made his debut in Derby’s first side, in a full Football League match. He came on as a substitute in Derby’s encounter at West Brom earlier this month.
Well done Jordan…

It’s interesting to think that Jordan was taken on at Derby when Frank Lampard was manager there – because if there is one good opinion worth having in football, it’s Frank’s!

_ _
Cricket is back

More sport – we have the return of cricket to the Creswell ground of Blythe CC. (The coronavirus crisis meant that the start of the season, which was due in mid-April, had to be suspended.)

Blythe Cricket Club ground

The Blythe CC ground has spectacular views

This will be a strange season, as all sorts of social distancing rules will apply (except for wicket-keepers and slips); there will be no promotion or relegation; and overseas players, who bring so much excitement to the games, are not permitted.
The good thing is that spectators are allowed at the Cresswell ground for the matches, so long as they spread out. Even the bar is open, even if you can’t hang about inside it.

The first home game for the First XI, at the Cresswell ground, is on Saturday July 25th. See our What’s On page for other fixtures.

_ _
Scary …

Many of us have received a strange leaflet, called CV19 Facts Not Fear, through our letterboxes. It’s printed by an anonymous local supporter of Vigiliae, which is a small conspiracy-theory group associated with David Icke. (Mr Icke was recently banned from Facebook for publishing “health misinformation that could cause physical harm”, and he also believes that reptilian beings have invaded the earth).
Mostly Vigiliae has been pushing the wild idea that mobile phone masts give you cancer, but now it has the pandemic in its sights. Vigiliae's Covid 19 leafletThis leaflet outlines ten reasons why we should disbelieve the government and health authorities over Covid, and it encourages us to defy the coronavirus guidelines and rules. It even suggests that any vaccine developed in the next few months is likely to cause cancers…

Now, as any reader of this website will know, we do believe in healthy questioning of the authorities, but this is extreme and dangerous stuff.
We suggest that the best thing the person who delivered it should do is ask to speak at the next village council meeting and put across their views in open debate. The village council has been putting out community health messages over this year, so it is a good forum for such a debate.
And, if they want to debate, we are ready for them!

_ _
Looking for Silver

Finally, we don’t usually do lost & found, because the village Facebook page does it better, but there is one case that is worrying.
Silver the cat
Silver, a grey-haired one-eyed housecat, was apparently taken from her home and then dumped somewhere in Draycott. This was at the beginning of July.
Usually cats are sighted eventually – but not this time.
Do you have any news? Owner Tim would like to know – on 07505 041712.

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NEWS: community taxi / European football / Colours exhibition / euro elections

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid May 2019
In this post we have news of…: volunteer taxi for Draycott / footballer for Europe / Colour-Works exhibition opens / this Thursday is euro-elections day… 
(NB – There are also dozens of events coming up soon in our locality – including cricket sessions for kids…  Check out the Events page)

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Don’t struggle – get a ride

There must be a big thank-you this month from all of us to Draycott resident Brian Blackwood.
At the beginning of this year he was very perturbed by reports of a local woman who was having to spend around £60 each time just to get to her hospital appointments.
She couldn’t use a bus because, as we all know, bus services in Draycott, which had been shrinking anyway, were finally discontinued last year. Even the nearest bus links – in Blythe B and Tean – are infrequent.

So Brian took it on himself to investigate the possibilities of ‘community transport’.

He found that most schemes are too expensive for a small place like this, so there was just one recourse – he would become our village’s local driver under the county’s Voluntary Transport Scheme, which is run by ‘Support Staffordshire’. (Under this scheme, a local person ferries someone around in their own car).
Up to yet, the scheme had not operated in the Draycott area because there were no local volunteer drivers… and now Brian is the first.
There is a charge of course – but nothing like £60… thank goodness – and accompanying carers go free. For full details of charges, who qualifies for transport, booking arrangements etc, please click here.

Support Staffordshire Voluntary Transport

One lady is very happy with the service! (from Support Staffordshire)

But, as Brian admits, one volunteer can’t provide a comprehensive service. So… do you think you would be happy to put your name forward too? The more drivers, the better the service.
If you’d like to talk to Brian about volunteering as a driver, he can often be seen at village council meetings (see our What’s On page for details of the next one), where he can answer your questions.

Thank you, Brian.

_ _ _
Bring some Colour(s) into your life

A lot of us remember the old Colour-Works in Cresswell.
It was by far the largest employer for miles around, and the village has ‘inherited’ a number of benefits from the company’s time, including the cricket ground and the tennis courts, which were works-facilities back in the day.
However, it was taken over in the 1970s, and then went into decline. Over a period of about twenty years, the works-site shrank and shrank (giving way to what is now known as the Blythe Industrial Park), before closing its last offices there in 2014.

Fortunately, the archives of the works were saved by a combined effort of local residents and the backing of the Cheadle History Group, which now looks afetr it. The unique collection includes some 700 pieces – photographs, artefacts, colour-recipe books and so one, some dating back one hundred years.

And now a few of those items have been dragged out of the vaults and are currently on show ate Blythe Bridge Library.
Why not get along? The exhibition will be of particular interest to ex-employees, who can relive many happy memories.

Blythe Colours exhibition prep

Volunteers preparing the Blythe Colours exhibition

The exhibition runs through the whole of May.
For more details, contact the history group.

_ _ _
Jordan… next – Europe!

Congratulations to Cresswell 17 year-old Jordan Brown! European involvement (or not) may be confusing for most of us – but not him…

For nearly all his life, Jordan wanted to play professional football, and the dream came true last year, when he signed with Derby County, the team managed by England legend Frank Lampard.
But it gets even better…

At the beginning of this month, Derby’s under-18s side, of which Jordan is a member, clinched the English national championship – which means the team will play in Europe next year, in the youth Champions League.
If you don’t yet have a copy of this week’s ‘Stunner’ newspaper, do get a copy – the story of Jordan’s achievement fills virtually the whole back-page – quite an accolade. A collector’s item, we are sure.

Jordan's story - in the Cheadle Post & Echo

Jordan’s story – in the Cheadle Times & Echo (aka The Stunner)

Onwards to European glory….!

_ _ _
Elections this week

Talking of Europe….   It’s quite a surprise to find we are being asked this week to vote in elections for the European Parliament – but there you go. It’s a confusing time….!
However, the right for ordinary working people to vote was hard-won, and we respect the efforts of our ancestors, so we never say no to voting.

This euro-election is a bit puzzling to understand though!
The best, most straightforward guide about it that we’ve found is on our sister website, the community-website for Stone, ‘A Little Bit Of Stone’.
The folks on there have made it simple – so we suggest you look at their guide and then decide what to do. Basically you just get the one vote; and you vote for a party not a person.

Voting takes place on Thursday May 23rd. Our polling station is Draycott Church Hall, and its hours of opening are 7am-10pm.

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