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News of: council rules; house sale; garden; park for Draycott?

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-July 2013
We have news of:  new parish council rule; a ‘big house’ for sale; blooming garden; the issue of the Draycott playing-field.

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– – –
Parish passions

It is hard to believe, but passions can run very high at town council and parish council meetings – even in Draycott!  The last meeting of our parish council was described by one councillor as the “most disgraceful” he had ever seen. And a recent meeting of Cheadle Town Council also ended up in lots of objections and raised voices.

One theory for all this emotion (we are told) is that most of us feel little real control over things in our lives these days, but at least we can ‘get to’ and influence our grassroots-level councils. In a way, it’s great that small councils are getting so much attention.

However, these altercations can cause upset on all sides, so our Draycott Parish Council has decided to reintroduce one of its  rules – to disallow more than one question from any member of the public at its Public Participation sessions.
We’re not sure how we feel about this…

If you have a comment to make on this decision, please use the comments-box at the bottom of the page.

– – –
Blooming gardens

The weather continues to surprise us, especially with its sudden torrential downpours.  One result of the heat & rain mix is that some gardens are really flourishing – and we thank all those households that are putting on really lovely displays in their front gardens.

Glyn's garden

Glyn’s garden

We saw this great example of a flower display in Sandon Road – nice one, Glyn!
(Incidentally, Glyn has just got engaged – so our congratulations to him on that too).

– – –
Playing field for Draycott – or not?

Talking of the parish council, as we were, one of the issues it has been wrestling with for over a year now is what to do about the little playing-field in Draycott Old Road.
It has been offered to the parish council for the use of the local community – but what should the council do? (There is no other possible public green-space in the area for children to play in).  Accept or refuse?

A good while ago, the council rented it from the County on behalf of the community, but ownership of it has since passed to Draycott Moor College.
The college also offered use of the park, so, for a while, this playing field – which has a high fence and lockable gates – was opened and closed each day by a volunteer living in the road.  However, he had to finish, and no new volunteer has come forward.
Residents living nearby have reported “suspicious-looking” youths hanging around, and have expressed their unhappiness about it being left open, so it is thought quite necessary to lock it at night.
So the little park is now permanently closed.  It has no play equipment either.

The council will re-discuss the issue at its September meeting. It needs to decide once for all about whether it wants to ‘adopt’ the field.

If you have thoughts about what to do about the park, you may like to send them to the council, or to put your thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

– – –
Seclusion for sale

Yet another of the area’s ‘big houses’ is for sale.
Fox-Brook House, up the lane opposite the Izaak Walton, is in a nice secluded spot, and is going for £450,000.

Fox-Brook House

Fox-Brook House

For all the details, see the Butters John Bee Agency website.

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