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NEWS: action-man John / buses future / Arms expansion / new council clerk / race trial

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late June 2018
In this post we have news of…: Draycott’s Volunteer of The Year / buses survey / b&b business coming? / welcome to Denise / race case shame …
(NB – There are also dozens of events coming up in our locality – including  live-music from local lad Matty Edwards…  Check out the Events page)
For daily updates about life in our district, keep checking the village Facebook page

– – –
John’s busy time

John ClarkeA big thank you to everyone who voted for Draycott’s own John Clarke (right) in the Moorlands Volunteer Of The Year Awards.  The result was announced at a special ceremony in Leek and our John came an honourable joint second. It’s all based on a public vote, so second is a very good result for someone from a small village such as ours.
As John said, it’s a time of great flux for our neighbourhood, so anything that gets a positive headline for Draycott has got to be a good thing.

Right now though John is hugely busy putting the finishing touches to the preparations for this year’s Draycott Fayre Weekend (on July 7th & 8th). He is chief organiser (and bottle washer!) for the fayre.
Plenty of late bookings are still being arranged, with the most fascinating one being the promise of the sight of a reconstructed World War One trench dug-out (see below)!

WW1 dug out re-construction
It’s being created by the secretary of the local history society; and for anyone interested in the conflict of the 1914-18 War it will be a big draw.

Do keep checking the updates to the line-up, because – as we say – lots and lots of stuff keeps being added on… and you won’t want to miss out on anything…

One thing you can do to help is put up the official poster in your window or business – just click here to access the 2018 FAYRE Poster , and then just print it off and put it where you think people will see it. Cheers!!

– – –
Buses survey

As we reported last month, there was a brief glimmer of hope that the number 12 bus route, which runs through Draycott & Cresswell, might be restored after it was cancelled in March. However even that small hope has now been dashed, as the county council has now definitively refused to continue the subsidy for it.

Some Staffordshire local/parish councils have stepped into the breach and stumped up money to keep their village bus services running, but it’s an expensive option. The other question is: how many people would use the bus even if it was brought back?

The district’s local newspaper, the Cheadle & Tean Times, is now running a survey on the issue, basically asking “would you use a bus service if there was one?” If it’s something that worries you, it’s worth completing the survey, which is on page six of the current issue.

– – –
Arms expansion

While sifting among recent planning applications, we saw that Zara & Brayn at the Draycott Arms are continuing their plans for the pub by putting up proposals for a few bed-and-breakfast rooms.  It certainly would be great to have such accommodation in the heart of the village, as the nearest alternatives are just out of walking distance.

However, Zara & Brayn, just like John, might be a bit too busy over the next seven days to worry about that side of their business. Next weekend (Sat 7th July) they are the hosts of the Draycott Saturday Night Live In the Marquee event, when they will be putting on a mini beer & cider festival to accompany the live music on stage.

Hassell St Jive Candy

Hassell St Jive Candy are the headliners at Draycott Saturday Night Live

Looking forward to that!!

– – –

Draycott hit the national headlines for all the wrong reasons last week when one local resident here in Draycott was convicted of inciting race hatred in views she expressed on her website.  Barbara Fielding-Morriss, who is 79 years old, describes herself as ‘white supremacist’, a despiser of Jews and a fascistic supporter of Hitler. She faces a possible seven years in prison when she is sentenced next month.
She chose not to have legal representation during the trial, which the judge was very surprised at.

Fortunately, it seems Barbara is almost a lone voice and has very few members in her ‘party’. But it does all leave a very bad taste in the mouth.

The Draycott Council bit

(Our local Draycott Council gets up to so many odd things that we almost can’t keep up, so we have given the council its own little section)

After all the confusion and upset over the last couple of months, a new clerk to the council is finally in place.

The very popular former clerk felt compelled to resign in March saying she felt under-valued by councillors and harassed.
A confusing period followed, in which one new appointee came in and then absented herself, followed by a rather flawed advertising process, and – finally – a further appointment was made.

Amazingly, this rather messy performance has ended up with a good candidate.  Denise Wheat is well known in Tean (the next village along from us) for being a leading light in community projects there and is an established business-woman (she runs her own photography concern).

Denise is already taking courses in the responsibilities and functions expected of a clerk to a village council. Although clerks are not elected so they can’t make policy decisions, they are expected to ‘manage’ the council’s actions and procedures.

Denise has a difficult job on her hands, not just with guiding the current councillors, but in responding to the government’s calls that village/community councils be more active and more transparent. What’s more, there are elections to the council in less than twelve months!
Good luck to her.

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NEWS: burglary / help for poor / pollution report … and more

News-in-brief  from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-February 2018
In this post we have news of…: restaurant burglary / local firm helps poorest / pollution report / summer fayre progress / un-open Forsbrook…
(NB – There are also dozens of events coming up in our locality – including a pop-jazz band evening…  Check out the Events page)
For daily updates about life in our district, keep checking the village Facebook page

– – –
Chandni burglary

There have still been no arrests (at the time of writing) concerning the Chandni Cottage Restaurant burglary which took place two weeks ago (Feb 5th). A well-organised group of thieves broke into the restaurant, at the eastern end of Draycott, in the dead of night.
They smashed in a window at the back; and stole equipment, goods and some cash – causing around £10,000 worth of losses. They even took the charity tin.Chandni Cottage

The thieves managed to get away with some hefty pieces of kitchenware, which makes police think that they must have had a van, and been properly prepared, being as it was such a difficult operation.
The same gang may have even been behind some similar incidents across the area.

The thieves were pretty brazen, but let’s hope they made some mistake which will lead eventually to arrests. If you think you may know anything, there is a confidential police hotline – call 101 and mention “incident number 587”.
It’s been really distressing for the owner, Yasmeen Yacqub, but we are happy to say that she has since said she won’t be cowed, and will carry on whatever!

– – –
New Haden generosity

If the reports from the Cheadle Food Bank are anything to go by, the situation for the poorest in our community is getting worse and worse. Requests to them for emergency supplies have risen 30% on the same time last year.
The food bank hands out tinned and non-perishable goods to those who turn up to its drop-in sessions. The Cheadle group serves not just people from the town but the surrounding villages, such as Draycott.

However, the food bank organisers rely on people like us to keep a supply of goods going, so, because of the rise in need, they have launched an extra appeal for funds, this time specifically aimed at businesses.
We are pleased to say that the first firm to respond positively is one from our small district – New Haden Pumps in Draycott Cross Road, which has stepped in to donate £150. Well done to them.

– – –
The fun of the fayre

It’s already that time of year again, and the Draycott Fayre organisers have already started booking acts for the event, which returns in July.

Draycott Fayre 2016 - 25 years banner

Parish councillor Pauline Clarke shows the 25 Years of Draycott Fayre banner last year

But now comes the nitty-gritty bit – who is doing what? …from hawking round posters to taking money on the gate.
The first meeting to discuss such matters takes place on March 2nd. Can you get along, and offer your services or thoughts?
Everyone who works putting the day together is a volunteer, from top to bottom – so, no matter how small, your contribution will be valuable. All are welcome at the meeting.
For details, click here

– – –
‘Missing’ notification

You might think our own local council here in Draycott is pretty bad when it comes to sharing information with its taxpayers (and it is) but the next-door council in Forsbrook takes the prize this month.
As must happen after the death of a councillor, which happened at the beginning of this year, a vacancy must be announced so that members of the public can put themselves forward for the post.
(In fact, some people in Draycott would have been eligible, as the locality rule means that residents for a few miles round are also able to stand).

So we watched the Forsbrook Council’s website, and we watched the council’s Facebook page. And we waited and waited. Nothing.
However, it then turned out that there was a notice after all – a piece of paper pinned to the council notice boards… but by then it was too late for us.

Forsbrook broke no rules in doing this, but, judging by this, they aren’t great fans of openness in local government, apparently preferring to keep such information under the radar, instead of trying to get the information out far and wide to as many people as possible.
So… who now gets to decide who will be the new, incoming councillor? Well…the councillors, of course!   They will now look for someone they themselves approve of, and ‘co-opt’ them.

– – –
Pollution report

As required by law, the developers who are soon to be building a housing estate and factories in Cresswell had to commission a report examining the state of the land on which they are about to build.
(The report, which must be carried out by a reputable land-analysis firm, looks for contaminants, floods risk etc.)
Well, the report has just been published. It is very lengthy and you probably need a degree to understand it fully, but it is important.

The local community-action group, VVSM, have been through the report and done their own review, breaking it down into simpler language. The review (click here to check it out), which also has links to the details of the report, is worth five minutes of any local resident’s reading time.

The biggest result is that the report’s authors admit finding contaminants in the soil, though they personally do not think there is enough there to halt the building. What they do recommend however is that a thick layer of fresh top-soil should be placed on the fields to act as a ‘buffer’ between the incoming residents and any nasty stuff down below.
The report’s authors admit too that there are simply locations across the site where they don’t know what will be found – until the digging starts. In fact, they recommend that construction workers, who will be moving in soon, wear protective clothing.

It’s all a bit worrying. The VVSM folk point out that, when cadmium in the earth is disturbed, it often just floats into the air; and, yes, cadmium is believed to be buried there somewhere.
In the end, the people of Cresswell (and the incoming residents of the planned estates) must rely on two things – the honesty of the construction firm which is honour-bound to report any unexpected finds, and the diligence of the local authority’s environment officers, who are supposed to monitor the excavations.  Erm, fingers crossed, eh?

This post has been edited since being originally published.

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Draycott Fayre 2016 – review

On a day when you have to compete against Andy Murray in a Wimbledon final, Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix, not to mention the Annual Cheadle Road Race, you might at least expect the weather to be kind.  Especially when you are celebrating your 25th anniversary.
Nope! Didn’t happen.

The morning of Sunday 10 July dawned windy, squally and rainy. It was so wet underfoot early on in Ford’s Field that the path into the field had to be abandoned eventually (after a lot of work by the fayre tractor-driver hauling vehicles out of the mud!) and exhibiters had to be re-routed on to the site.  Well done to volunteer Nola Ward who acted as an impromptu traffic police officer!
We won’t mention the tent that simply blew in the air and sailed away.

But… as they say … the sun shines on the righteous.
Unbelievably, by late morning, the bad weather was over, and the crowds began to stream in like nothing had happened.

Fab fayre

It was another great Fayre.
The piece de resistance’ had to be the float, on the truck: celebrating a wonderful 25 years in existence of this event.

Draycott Fayre 2016 - 25 years banner

Parish councillor Pauline Clarke shows the ’25 Years’ banner – made by the Brownies

The Draycott Brownies decorated the float (in more ways than one) – it was a magic idea, and also alerted the neighbourhoods to the presence of the fayre.

The great thing about this fayre is that there is something to watch or to do almost every minute – even though the carousel and bouncy trampolines and quad-bikes kept most of the children pretty busy most the time.
Once again, the Y-Draig Vikings re-enactment group were the stars of the day (though no one fancied joining in their authentic seventh-century meal…!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In fact, for all children there it was a terrific day – with sports (including the brilliant sack-race, and a Vikings vs The Rest tug-o-war) organised by Dave Meller.  He managed to keep charge… most of the time…
Some children also joined in with the drummers, some flocked to the puppets, and some decided to do battle with the Vikings (the Vikings lost).

Community involvement

What was also great was the number of organisations from our community who turned up in one shape or another.   Among them: the church hall committee, Draycott Plant Nurseries, VVSM community action group, the Draycott Craft Club, the local Brownies & Girl Guides, Draycott Sports Centre, St Margaret’s Church congregation, the local Women’s Institute, Draycott Moor College (who raised £1100 on the day!!), Andy Bird and the Angling Club, the Draycott Arms… not to mention the St Margaret’s Fayre Committee & Volunteers led so ably by John Clarke…
If we’ve forgotten anyone – our apologies.
Next year, it would be nice to see even more community-based organisations doing their bit…

It was also wonderful to see the oldest person in our district turn up.  Betty Hammond (the former parish councillor) is well over 100 years old, but she was there – determined to see her grandson Anthony Hammond perform his usual startling feats of wood-sculpture.
Incidentally, a kind lady bought young Sam a ticket to try to win Anthony’s finished sculpture (a wooden owl) – and it turned out to be the winning ticket!  A nice story.

Draycott Fayre 2016 - ice cream

Draycott Fayre 2016 – a perfect way to spend a day!

Thanks once again to John Clarke and his team.  Let’s hope we have another twenty-five years…

To see lots more photos of the fayre, just visit the Fayre facebook page)
To see the preview of the 2016 Fayre, click here

Draycott Summer Fayre 2015 is on its way!

If the weather forecasters are right, this summer is going to be a good ‘un – and slap bang in the middle of the British summer this year comes the twenty-fourth Draycott St Margaret’s Summer Fayre – so, it’s time to get yourself ready!
The date for your diary is Sunday 12th July, with everything kicking off at 11.30 and finishing just before 5pm.

Sealed Knot

After two years in which the main attraction was the Viking re-enactors (who were brilliant), John Clarke and his team have decided on a change.
Sealed KnotThis year the fair goes back to the 17th Century and the time of the English Civil War in which Royalists fought the Roundheads.
The particular re-enactment group coming this year are from that very era and call themselves ‘Sir George Lisle’s Regiment of Foote’ (pic: right) which is also the name of an actual regiment which recruited from North Staffordshire during the Civil War.  They are part of the famous Sealed Knot society.
Expect loud bangs, ancient regimental manoeuvres including pikes, and lots of fascinated children to be watching!  There will two displays during the course of the day.

Also new this year will be local strongman Fred Burton.  Fred has been performing extraordinary feats of strength down the years, and, at the fayre, he will be making three new attempts on the Guinness World Book Of Records – all of which will be monitored by properly appointed referees.
Believe it or not, Fred will make these lifting-and-carrying attempts with… his little finger, and his teeth….

Old favourites

But the old favourites are not ignored.

At the top of the field, as part of the usual classic & historic rally, hundreds of vintage vehicles (from cars to tractors), and working engines, will all be on show.    The Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society will also be running a 1930’s double-decker omnibus in a route round the area, from Tean to Cresswell to Blythe Bridge, picking up anyone who wants to jump on!
The fun-fair and stalls will be next to the rally.

The first actual feature on the day, taking place at 11.30am, is the popular Dog Show. All fayre visitors are invited to enter their pets into the competition.

Draycott tug o war

The ladies have it! (Pic JC)

The fantastically enjoyable Family Sports competitions are back – who can forget how the children memorably beat the Vikings at Tug o’War two years ago?  Not to mention the day that the Draycott Ladies showed the Men how a will-to-win can always beat ‘experience’.

Inside the marquee, will be bric-a-brac stalls, tea & cakes, and a bar – not forgetting the fantastic burger-stall (where the queue never dies down….) – plus children’s entertainers all through the day.
Many local organisations will also have stalls displaying what work they do in our area – in case you had forgotten how much goes on this area….

Local involvement

The great thing about the fayre is that almost all the organisation and support for it comes from within the parish district (Draycott, Cresswell, Totmonslow and Draycott Cross).  There are no ‘paid professionals’ here; it all comes from the heart.

The bar tent is always well-attended...

The bar tent is always well-attended…!

Much support comes from St Margaret’s Church itself where the parishioners and church wardens are always the first to volunteer their services.
This year members from ‘Mish-Mash’, the church’s youth club, will be assisting at the tea-bar.  Be kind to them; it’s their first year…
And, once again, another set of stalwarts have stepped forward to man the hot, tiring and very successful burger-stall – well done to the staff of the Draycott Moor College.
In fact, most of the stalls and activities are also run by local people, including members of the Draycott Women’s Institute and the Craft Club.

Incidentally, if you belong to a local organisation, and you’ve forgotten to get yourself a stall or otherwise get involved at the fayre, it is not too late, but do hurry.  Phone John on 01782 396190, or, if you are a Facebook person, message the Fayre’s Facebook page.

Good cause

And it’s great to know that much of what you spend, whether it’s for the entry fee, or at the stalls, will makes its way back to Draycott.
The profits all go to supporting St Margaret’s, the ancient church which has overlooked this village for the last seven hundred years – and hopefully will for many more.
Admission is £4, with children under 16 getting in for free.

See you on Sunday the 12th!

If you wish to make a comment, use the text-box further down this page

Draycott Fayre 2013 – report & photos

Well !  What a day…!
Sunday 14th July 2013 will be remembered as the day the Children of Draycott defeated The Vikings in battle, records were set for fund-raising (and hot temperatures!), some three hundred vintage vehicles filled the ground, around two thousand people attended – and the bar ran dry!

Draycott-in-the-Moors’ Summer Fayre & Vintage Rally 2013 was, by any standards, a terrific success – and well done to all the volunteers (under the expert leadership of John Clarke) who really were the ones who made it happen.

Carnage & pillage

The highlight of the day was the appearance of the Y Ddraig Viking re-enactment group.  They were brilliant.
Right through from setting up a realistic-looking camp, complete with cooking pots bubbling up a ancient vegetable stew, to displaying a brutal form of early hockey played 1200 years ago, and a display of ancient weaponry, they really played their part.

However, their Viking warriors made one terrible mistake – by challenging the children of Draycott to an open battle.  There could only ever be one winner in such a contest.

Viking versus Children battle

Draycott children charge the ranks of the Vikings…

The children suffered no casualties whatsoever… and only one Viking got away.

Photos gallery

An album of lots of photos of the day can be found by clicking here.
When you go to the link, just click the play button to start the slideshow; then we suggest you set the speed at ‘slow’, and don’t forget to click the ‘Show Info’ button to see the captions.  Have fun with the memories.

And, if you too have photos that you took on the day, we’d love to see them, and to then put them up on the gallery too.  Just email us with any photos you can share.

Local roots

Local organisations however were the backbone of the day.  The Draycott Sports Centre gets an honourable mention for setting up two temporary tennis ‘courts’ which were never empty all day, as youngsters queued up to have a go.
The district Girl Guide group helped the MC for the day, John Beardmore, to organise the games; and numerous groups, including the Draycott Women’s Institute, staff from Draycott Moor College, and members of St Margaret’s Church worked furiously on their different stalls to raise money for the day’s good cause.
A special mention must go to John Beardmore, who provided his usual funny and warm commentary.  He had not been so well recently, but we think he definitely perked up for this event…

We honestly thought, as we walked round, that the best thing about the fayre was that there was always something to do.  (After all, sometimes, one can go to a fair and you’ve done the lot in fifteen minutes … whereas, here, there was always something going on.)

Admittedly, having around three hundred vintage motor-cars, buses, tractors, wagons, motorbikes and traction engines on the site – all carefully looked after by their owners – was bound to keep most of us quite busy.
And for the kids, there was always the funfair and the magic shows…

A minor disappointment was that the promised Dakota plane fly-past didn’t happen.  Apparently, the plane had encountered a problem in an earlier display, and had had to cancel.
However, the Innringers handbells group performed twice, making subtle and fascinating music.

For a fuller list of who were the main draws, check our Fayre schedule page.

St Margaret’s

To give the event its full title, it should be known as St Margaret’s Draycott Summer Fayre, as the day is specifically to raise money to pay for the maintenance of the village’s parish church – which is almost 800 years old.
The event is also so named because it falls very close to St Margaret’s Day.

So therefore … the bottom line is: did the event raise a significant amount of money?

Well, the full accounts are not yet in of course, but with around a thousand people paying at the gates and probably another thousand (volunteers, participants etc) on the ground, that means the main stalls and the raffle-tickets salespeople (well done to them too!) must have done great business.
Organiser Daniel Newton, who was in charge of the bar, also saw his stock run completely dry (well…except for wine-spritzers, and we don’t count those) – which can’t be bad!


The Draycott Fayre 2013 was the twentieth of the modern era. The first, we are told raised just over £200 (!), while this one has surely exceeded not just that sum but also last year’s profit of £6000.
Let’s hope so – for the old church’s sake.

– – – –
Summer Fayre Raffle Results
Ist Prize (Helicopter Ride for 2) – Susan Hughes (ticket no 655) #  2nd Prize (Four tickets to Alton Towers) – Jenni Wooliscroft (754) # 3rd Prize (£40 Voucher to David’s Restaurant, Trentham) – Peter Smeed (317)
Other winners:  Julie Ingle (1732), a £25 Fuel voucher / Jane Meller, a Mount Nurseries voucher / M Cheadle (131), a Planter from Draycott Nurseries / Mrs Seymour (1456), a Shoetime voucher / Mavis Bullock (17), a Stoddard’s Travel voucher / Beryl Carp (1583), a Queens Arms at Freehay voucher / Olive Davis (217), a Draycott Arms voucher / Mrs Dyke (187), a Ford’s Of Blythe Bridge voucher / George Marsh (995), a Tesco voucher / Jack Cartlidge (1555), a gym-pass for 2 / Mrs Elks (247), a gym-pass for 2 / Margaret Plant (1049), a gym-pass for 2 / Steven Bedson (1625), a personal training session / Alistair Barton (760), a circuit-training pass for 2 / Diane Winfield (782), a circuit-training pass for 2 / P Beardmore (1445), a tennis lesson.

And if you have a comment to make about the day – do add it, in the little coment box just below

Draycott Fayre – take part!

Preparations appear to be going well for this year’s Draycott big fair, which is an all-day event on Sunday July 14th.

One tiny disappointment is that a large craft-fair, planned for the previous afternoon (the Saturday) as a sort of warm-up to the main event, is now not going to take place.  Things simply couldn’t be put in place in time.

However… the Sunday is getting fuller and fuller! And you too could add to the event.

Chief organisers John Clarke and Daniel Newton have told us that what is particularly pleasing is the amount of involvement from local people. Members of The Draycott Sports Club, the local Young Farmers group, the Draycott WI, the Draycott Plant Nurseries, the Huntley Wood Recreation Centre, the Axis Disco, the staff of Draycott Moor College (who have volunteered to run the burger stand), members of the St Margaret’s Church congregation who are running book stalls, refreshments stalls, craft stalls and cake stalls, and more, will all be putting on displays or stalls for your ‘delight and edification’ – as the saying goes!
And all that activity takes place alongside the main attractions of the funfair, vintage vehicle rally, Jessica’s Junkyard (has to be seen!) and the ‘Viking battle’…

And don’t forget: there is also a family disco in the marquee on the field on the Saturday evening (children are free to get in). Tickets are going well, so it should be a fun occasion.

Check out the details of all this on our Draycott Fayre page.


As you know, the fayre is totally run by village volunteers, who are trying to raise money for the running costs of Draycott’s ancient and beautiful church.  St Margaret’s is over 700 years old, and in need of constant attention.

So – why not take part?  Just tell John what you think you can do, or go along to an organisation committee meeting.

And, even if you can’t make it on the day, you could still help by: advertising in the programme; or selling raffle tickets.
It’s only £10 to take an advert in the programme (which is on sale on the day).

To take out an advert or to offer to sell books of raffle tickets, contact the fayre Organiser.

So….see you on the 14th (and at the family disco, too)!